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About PS

Presbyterian School

where meaningful, joyful learning happens!

What if students read like they played? What if they solved math problems, explored science, created art, contributed their ideas, and learned languages with the same kind of enthusiasm? What if students were challenged to investigate and apply their own unique voice, understandings, and convictions to their work? What if games like Fortnite gave us clues to new and more effective learning models so students couldn’t get enough of school? What if the classroom was a microcosm of the world? What if students were taught to care deeply about effective, precise, and thoughtful communication — how might the world change? 

We build on academic traditions that work while questioning assumptions that stifle student success and love of learning. We apply the latest research on teaching and learning to grow our students’ curiosity, creativity, and to answer their drive for purpose and meaning. And it works. More than a feel-good education, the research is clear: happier kids achieve at higher levels. 

We invite you to learn more about how Presbyterian School is challenging the status quo for an education worth paying for.