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Andrea Lawless

Andrea Lawless

During her time at Presbyterian School, Andrea has worked in a variety of roles including Assistant Director of Admission, Community Service Coordinator, and Lower School Computer teacher, in addition to teaching Photography Mixed Media and Yearbook fine arts classes. A PS champion at heart, Andrea has worked at Presbyterian School for 24 years and her two children, Nora (PS ’17) and Nate (PS’ 21) attended the School for Early Childhood, Lower and Middle School. In her role as Communications Director, Andrea is committed to establishing strong ongoing communications between the School and its families through print and digital communications, publications, marketing, advertising, and multimedia platforms. Outside of work, Andrea loves spending time with her husband and children and engaging in creative activities, especially as it relates to her faith. She teaches a bible journaling class and hosts multiple creative faith workshops and retreats during the year.


Bachelor of Arts, English, Georgetown University
Master of Education, Educational Psychology, University of Houston

Q & A with ANDREA

What are your top five CliftonStrengths, and which ONE do you find yourself leaning into the most these days?
My top five strengths are Achiever, Strategic, Analytical, Responsibility, and Focus. I literally use all 5 strengths in conjunction every single day. It’s who I am. If you know me, you know. So there is no “most” used strength that jumps out in that Fab 5 list. Currently, I am really leaning into another strength listed just outside of my top five. It’s Connectedness. I believe in very few coincidences and find meaning and connection in every event. To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. Things happen for a reason, and we are all part of a larger picture. More and more often, I find myself serving as a bridge builder … making connections between peoples, ideas, and events. 

What’s your favorite part of the PS Mission ("Family, School and Church united in the education and support of each Child") and why?
My favorite part of our school mission statement is the fact that it values the partnership between Family, School and Church. The School’s success is dependent on the partnership and role that the Family and Church play. I love that the School doesn’t shut out the family…. or the church, for that matter. Parents want to be involved, and rightly should be, in every part of their child’s life. Each institution- the family, the school and the church- bring an essential piece that the child needs to grow and mature. Remember, it takes a village to raise a child! 

What’s your happy place?  Why?
My favorite place to go to is the beach. You just can’t beat a sunny day on a sandy beach with the ocean crashing down in front of you. However, it’s not always easy to get to the beach, so another happy place I’ve found is sitting on my couch, snuggled under a comfy blanket watching a Hallmark movie. I’m a sucker for rom coms and honestly, the more “template” the script the better. Who wants more drama and suspense in their life?! Not me! Hallmark has it all… happy endings and dreams that come true. 

What was your favorite activity as a ten-year-old? 
I grew up in Tucson, Arizona, and every year we would make what seemed like the most excruciatingly long drive from Arizona to California to visit my cousins, often times spending the night at a local Motel 6 on the way. While the drive was hot, cramped and filled with arguments with my sister, I remember these trips with incredible fondness. Leaving the 105 degree Arizona hot desert and rolling the windows–all the way down–to feel the cool California breeze was a dream, not to mention the exhilaration of arriving at our very first stop…. a noodle house in Oakland whose delicious rice noodle soup bowls were only $3.25.  To this day, good weather and great food top the list of my favorite things. 

What’s your favorite musical group and song?
There are very few movies or songs that I like to listen to over and over. However, I never, ever tire of Christmas Song by Dave Matthews Band. I love everything about it. The music, the lyrics, and the story it tells… I could listen to that song on repeat, even when it’s not Christmas. 

In the movie about your life, what actor/actress (alive or dead) gets to play you?  
There is already a movie about me.  Watch it. It’s so good and it just explains so much.  Joy Luck Club. 

What’s an obsession you have?  
People who know me, know that I am obsessed with crafts and creative things. A few years ago, I transformed my formal dining and living rooms into a creative maker space. I have supplies for ALL.THE.THINGS. (Seriously, all the things.) Jewelry making, painting, alcohol inks, watercolor, mixed media papers, stamping, stitching, sewing, fabrics, resin, clay, and the list goes on, are all things I enjoy. I love to process my life and faith artistically. Some people are visual learners or auditory learners, but I am a creative learner and I’m obsessed with it. It’s a messy process, even ugly at times, but when faith and art meet, beauty always emerges. And finding beauty is addicting.