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Lois Geiger

Lois Geiger

Lois Geiger is in her 18th year at Presbyterian School. She has served as a classroom teacher, the Assistant Head of Early Childhood and is currently the Head of Early Childhood. She graduated from Southern Methodist University. After several years in the corporate world, Lois made a career change into education where she found her passion and has never looked back. She holds a master’s degree in Education with an emphasis in Reading and Literacy. Lois is a true believer in play-based learning for young children and enjoys partnering with parents during this pivotal time of development in a child’s life. When not at school Lois and her husband, Doug, can often be found at the beach with their two yellow labs. Lois is a mother to two adult children. She enjoys travel, reading, hiking, yoga, needlepoint, and cooking.


Bachelor of Arts, Advertising, Southern Methodist University 
Master of Education, Reading and Literacy, Walden University 

Q & A with LOIS 

What are your top five CliftonStrengths, and which ONE do you find yourself leaning into the most these days?
Relator, Developer, Responsibility, Strategic and Input are my top five strengths. I’m leaning into Relator these days, prioritizing building relationships with students and families.

What’s your favorite part of the PS Mission ("Family, School and Church united in the education and support of each Child") and why?
I love the word “united” in our Mission because it speaks to the significance of the partnership between the school and our families.

What’s your go-to comfort food?  
All kinds of tacos! They are so versatile, and you can have them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. So for me it is tacos any day, and any time of the day!

What’s your happy place?
The beach. It can be Belize, Maui, California, Florida or even good ole’ Crystal Beach. The sand and the sound of the ocean are so relaxing. My favorite thing is walking on the beach with my husband and our dogs. Watching my water loving Labradors, Ouisie and Pearl, playing in the surf is the truest display of pure joy, and it always makes me happy!

What was your favorite activity as a ten-year-old?  
Riding my horse. I had a Pinto Quarter Horse named Spice. She was chestnut brown and white. I was one of those girls who was completely obsessed with horses.

What’s your favorite musical group and song? 
Dave Matthews Band, song: Everyday The lyrics say it all “lift me up love, everyday”.

Crunchy or smooth peanut butter?  
I am a peanut butter fanatic. Smooth is the only way to go. Is there even a discussion here?