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People of PS Podcast

In the Summer of 2020 in the midst of COVID-19, we launched the People of PS Podcast during a time when we were unable to gather and meet in-person. We were inspired by the concept of Radio Theater which was used to unite our country during World War II when families gathered around their radios to listen to important announcements and were transported from the comfort of their living rooms to new worlds where beloved stories came to life. Our 7th grade Drama Class kicked off our Podcast with a 3-part series of The Wizard of Oz using the original radio theater transcript broadcasted Christmas Day in 1950. Since then, our Podcast has welcomed numerous faculty, parents, and trustees of the School who have shared their life stories, inspiring mentors and stories of faith. We hope the People of PS Podcast will help you get to know our community better and give you a glimpse of what is most meaningful and joyful to us. Listeners can subscribe to the PEOPLE OF PS PODCAST on the following platforms:




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