Showcase of Learning

Despite campus closures, stay-at-home orders, and social distancing, learning, demonstrating our learning, celebrating our learning and connecting as a community have not stopped at Presbyterian School. We invite you to take a look and see how our community is learning, sharing and active beyond the walls of our physical campus.

Window Magazine

Through feature articles and videos, our magazine captures our time together from March-May as Presbyterian School pivoted from on-campus, in-person learning to at-home, distance learning. Together, our community of over 2,000 parents, students, faculty, and staff sailed into new territory surrendering traditional ways of this is how we always do it to embrace new ways of being together.  Despite facing many unknowns and challenges, our PS community persevered through difficult times with respect for one another, rallied courage to meet the new demands in teaching and learning, modeled compassion for those in need, and expressed gratitude each and every day. The integrity and heart of our community refused to be put out. We hope you enjoy a look-back at our Spring and are encouraged by our celebrations of learning and life. 

People of PS Podcast

During Distance Learning, the 7th grade Drama Class brought Radio Theater back to life. Radio Theater once united the nation during World War II when families gathered around their radios to listen to important announcements and were transported from the comfort of their living rooms to new worlds where their beloved stories came to life. This Wizard of Oz broadcast uses the original radio theater transcript broadcasted Christmas Day in 1950. We are pleased to debut this 3-part Radio Theater series on our PS Podcast. Listeners can subscribe to the PEOPLE OF PS PODCAST on the following platforms:




Virtual Exhibitions

Pre-K Airlines Parade

Pre-K Airlines takes in all the sights, smells, and wonders of different cultures around the world. Starting in Houston, students visit New York, Australia, France, and Ancient Egypt, where they build pyramids and learn the process of mummification. Italy, India, and Greece are the last three stops. The year-long curriculum ends with a Parade where students dress as someone from their favorite country. Let your learning take flight with our Virtual Parade!


7th Grade Dance

All 7th and 8th grade students take a fine arts elective class every day which ranges from visual to performing arts, including drama, yearbook, choir, drawing, and more. During Distance Learning, the 7th grade dance class learned a dance virtually over Zoom to inspire our PS Community to get up and dance! Watch their dance video below. If you want to learn the dance, our 7th grade students also created a video tutorial of how to Get Up Offa That Thing.


3rd Grade Wax Museum

Each year, third grade students choose a person from a great moment in history to research and bring to life in a Wax Museum. Whether it’s a famous athlete, civil rights activist, author, or chef, students work to personify these individuals in appearance, speech, and form. Scroll through our Virtual Wax Museum to meet our famous characters and learn about their lives and accomplishments. This is one great moment you can't miss!


8th Grade Manifesto

The purpose of the Manifesto Museum is to encourage exploration of personal values, beliefs, and overall identity. Eighth grade students learn how the events, people, and places they are surrounded by affect who and what they become. The Manifesto Museum includes a well articulated Manifesto from each student that expresses the best version of themself; the person he or she wants to be. Read through our a few selected pieces in our Virtual Manifesto Museum.


4th Grade Texas Museum

Fourth grade students focus on a year-long study of Texas history, beginning in the Paleoamerican time, continuing to current day. Students pick a research topic about a person, place, or event that helped shape Texas. They learn the steps of researching, note-taking, outlining, and writing a research paper while creating a visual representation of their choice. Our Virtual Texas Museum highlights the industry of the fourth grade.



Our Think.Make.Talk. and Art teachers brought the #GettyMuseumChallenge to 3rd-5th grade students. Like many cultural institutions, the J. Paul Getty Museum closed due to COVID-19. During this challenging time, the Getty found a way to keep people engaged with their art by challenging their followers to recreate a work of art with objects (and people) from the comfort of their own homes. Our students rose to the challenge.


Virtual Special Events

Field Day 2020

All Early Childhood, Lower and Middle School students, parents, and faculty were invited to participate in a Virtual Field Day. Our PE staff sent home outdoor competitions to complete at home, and in celebration of our 30th anniversary, all activities incorporated the number 30. Thank you to families who shared their Field Day fun. We enjoyed seeing families take part in our Virtual Field Day activities and even creating some of their own!  #spiritishere, #PSfieldday, #PSatHome #PSCommUNITY. 


Shrek the musical jr.

The Class of 2020 worked hard to pivot the Annual 8th Grade Musical in order to transform a live production into a virtual performance... because the show must go on! This year's  musical production is a compilation of professional photographs, audio recordings made in people's closets, and videos recorded on driveways--most of which are in costume and make-up. Students added new skills to their collective repertoires,  mastering Garage Band, learning blocking and rehearsing dances over Zoom, and completing props from found objects at home. The Class of 2020 has demonstrated remarkable perseverance that has propelled  them over the finish line for this year's singular performance.


Virtual Chapels

Easter Chapel (April 9, 2020)


closing Chapel (May 20, 2020)