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where every student is remembered!

What if someone had confidence in you before you had confidence in yourself? What if learning to speak in Chapel is the reason you're able to  teach others, lead teams, and pitch new business? What if making change happen as a seventh-grade social entrepreneur spurs you to become a scientist, launch a planet-saving startup, or run for office? What if having a Christ-centered education continues to inspire you to grow in belief, understanding, and wisdom? What if PS helped you become the person you are today? Schedule a visit to see where you will always be known and valued, and experience the PS difference.


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what makes us unique

Graduates of Presbyterian School have a carefully developed foundation of core values when they leave us. Respect, perseverance, courage, compassion, integrity, and gratitude characterize their shared journey through a challenging curriculum that enriches their minds, an eclectic fine arts program that captivates their spirits, comprehensive athletic and wellness programs that nurture their bodies, and service projects at every grade level that nourish their souls. Presbyterian School students emerge ready for so much more than just high school; they are ready for life!

Our graduates ...

  • Seek through prayer, study, and reflection to discern the guidance of their Creator in all their real-life situations.

  • Embody a positive sense of self-confidence, self-worth, and security so that they believe deeply and take appropriate risks throughout their lives.

  • Display a growth mindset, focusing on dedication and hard work, which create a lifelong love of learning and a resilience that is at the heart of great accomplishment.

  • Read and write critically, actively synthesizing information and making sense of it for themselves and others.

  • Identify and solve problems creatively by analyzing disparate sets of data and then drawing novel conclusions.

  • Engage themselves comfortably in communities and their many forms.