Alumni Board Members

Dear Presbyterian School Alumni,

It is an exciting time to be your President. The school is growing both in size and in footprint, and you all are participating at a record level. Your alumni board has the largest membership to date, which means a hearty inflow of great ideas and connections, and the school has started working more energetically to involve us.

The community Presbyterian School offers does not disappear after graduation—we on the alumni board are here to continue fostering it.

As we meet quarterly, we discuss ways to help you all stay connected both to the school and to your classmates. We are brainstorming a number of great events that we are eager to bring you, but I wanted to take a moment to talk about why we do it and what kind of an impact it can have.

With nearly 900 alumni, our numbers have grown to the point where we can make a real impact on the school. Through philanthropic donations and the attendance of alumni legacy students, we are able to leave another, more lasting mark on the institution that was there for us during some of our most developmental years.

Our school continues to invigorate bright, creative young minds, and with great reach. Currently, Presbyterian School has placed students across 41 local high schools and over 150 colleges. Those numbers are only set to increase, as now all of our Early Childhood and Lower School classes have grown to three classes per grade! This means that as our alumni community grows beyond 1,000 strong, it will only quicken its pace.

These rising numbers empower us to help in a number of ways. We recently held a giving campaign in which we asked alumni to donate any amount they were comfortable giving. Year after year, with your continued support and the support of new alumni, the school will see new opportunities arise as they did with the incredible new building they are constructing. Supporting the school also helps our teachers, and it makes a difference in the supplies and tools students have access to. Additionally, a growing alumni community means a growing network, and with such a fantastic group of people we hope to connect you all wherever you may be in the world. Your engagement contributes to this community and this network, and that can mean the world to alumni new and old looking for connections—especially connections who share the same core values taught at the school.

As I said, it is an exciting time to be involved in this growth. Never has there been a better time to get involved in PS Alumni activities! If you have questions or would like to share your contact info so we can better involve you and connect you, please email Kendall McCord. We are eager to hear from you and to see you at future events!  

Best Regards,

Ben Clemenceau ’03
President, Alumni Board

2020-2021 Alumni Board Members

Ben Clemenceau '03 - President
Katy Odom Sermas '03 - Vice President 

Chance Allshouse '14 
Eric Blackwell '09
Allie Brown '14
Katherine Egner Brown '06
Camille Carleton '18
Todd Hunt '18
Zach Kroencke '16
Allie Luther '09
Cristina Masson '04
Gwen Rippeto '17
Brenton Smith '11
Caroline Stewart '09
Chris Winters '06
Shelby Zimmerman '11