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Alumni Board Members

Dear PS Alum

a letter from our president

It is with immense gratitude and a sense of pride that I write to you today, honored to be able to serve as your Alumni Board President this year. As a proud alumnus of our amazing institution, I am excited to take on this role and contribute to the continued success and growth of our school community. I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the entire school administration, the Alumni Board, and fellow alumni for entrusting me with this responsibility. It is a true privilege to serve alongside a dedicated group of individuals who share a deep commitment to our alma mater.

I am thrilled to share some of the remarkable achievements and developments that have taken
place within our alumni community over the past year: Our collective efforts have once again demonstrated the unwavering support and dedication of our alumni. The recent Alumni Giving Day was an overwhelming success, raising over $17,000, which not only surpassed our goal of 100 gifts but also highlighted the enduring generosity of our alumni. These funds will undoubtedly make a meaningful impact on the lives of current and future students, enhancing their educational experience and opportunities.

I am excited to welcome the following outstanding individuals to our Alumni Board: Chandni Jaggi Bennett '08, Jid Ganim '13, Olivia Garcia '20, Shepherd Gregg '20, and Craig Smith '16. Their diverse backgrounds, fresh perspectives, and shared passion for our school's mission will undoubtedly enrich our discussions and initiatives.

While we welcome new members, it is important to acknowledge the contributions of those who have faithfully served on the Alumni Board. I want to express our sincere gratitude to the board
members who rolled off last year: Todd Hunt '19, Zach Kroencke '16, Gwen Rippeto '17, Brenton Smith '11, and Shelby Zimmerman Styles '11. Their dedication, insights, and commitment have been invaluable, and we are immensely thankful for their unwavering support.

Looking ahead, I am eager to collaborate with the entire Alumni Board and the wider alumni community to continue fostering connections, supporting the school's initiatives, and creating meaningful opportunities for engagement. Our shared experiences at First Presbyterian School
have laid the foundation for lifelong connections, and together, we can contribute to the school's ongoing success and impact. I encourage all alumni to stay connected, remain engaged, and consider ways in which you can contribute to our alma mater. Whether through mentorship, philanthropic support, or simply by sharing your experiences, your involvement plays an integral role in shaping the future of our beloved school.

Thank you once again for this esteemed opportunity to serve as the Alumni Board President. I am excited to embark on this journey and work together to uphold the traditions and values that define Presbyterian School.

Attack the day with unparalleled enthusiasm,
Jorge Ortiz '04

2023-2024 Alumni Board Members

Jorge Ortiz '04 - President
Kate Chernosky Barclay '09 - Vice President 

Chandni Jaggi Bennett '08
Caroline Henry Bortz '09
Brittany Ellis '05
Jid Ganim '13
Olivia Garcia '20
Shepherd Gregg '20
Sachin Jaggi '14
Zach Kroencke '16
Will Rippeto '14
Craig Smith '17
Reed Stanley '14
Cullen Stewart '15
Carlton Wilde '03
Will Young '20