Meet Our Alumni

Meet Our Alumni

The School’s core values of Respect, Compassion and Courage have given alumni the confidence to step out and seek ways to serve their communities year-round. Twenty-twenty has been a challenging year - to say the least - and our alumni  have made positive contributions to their communities during these turbulent months.

Whether it was directly helping COVID-19 relief work, or continuing much needed community service, or lifting up the spirits of humankind, our alumni realized that a pandemic does not cancel everything. Life continues and serving one another is just as essential than ever before. Below is a glimpse of some of our alumni sharing their time and talents with the world. 


Jose Hernandez '04
(Strake Jesuit ’08, University of Texas’12) and a business partner started a low carb, sugar-free dessert company called ChipMonk Baking. After being diagnosed with diabetes, Jose decided to tackle his diagnosis holistically and make big changes to his diet. He started experimenting with dessert recipes and soon ChipMonk Baking was born. Delicious, low-carb, gluten-free, all natural desserts for so many people who are struggling with the challenges of diabetes, the keto lifestyle, and celiac disease. Check out his website at or purchase his treats on Amazon.  


Sara Coutinho '10
(Colégio Sagrado Coração de Maria '14) is currently working toward her Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico- University of Lisbon. Sara, along with a few of her colleagues, have been working on developing training regarding PPE equipment against COVID-19 aimed for the general public. Her hope is that this video provides come clarity and may even save lives!


Nina DiStefano '08
(Episcopal High School ’12, Savannah College of Art, Design’16) a New York Design Assistant, worked on creating a pattern for a surgical hood that was prototyped with medical grade fabric. Her masks passed the comfort lab test, and viral penetration test and have moved on to being tested for effective sanitizing and reuse. She plans to share her prototypes and adjusted patterns with Nordstrom to provide for local hospitals.


Nicholas Yum '16
(Strake Jesuit '20, Tulane University) decided to help deliver food and supplies to people who live at Country Place 55+ community in Pearland when the stay-at-home orders were first issued in March. There are many older people that live in the community. Another place he has faithfully volunteered over the last four and a half years is The Beacon; they serve the homeless community. 


Sarah Cordill '08 (St. John's School '12, University of Texas) and Haley Manley '08 (Episcopal High School '12, SMU '16) launched a company called Shut Your Mouth with a friend who specializes in design. Their company provides face covers with zipper fronts to allow people to drink without taking off their face mask. They wanted to help keep the community safe and hydrated during the summer months. Their ultimate goal is to raise enough money to donate to the Charity Water foundation, which helps provide clean water to developing countries.


Evan Wray '19
(Strake Jesuit '23) volunteered to create masks to benefit two organizations during the pandemic. Evan worked with Breast Cancer Survivor, Waisum Johnson, and the organization to provide masks for providers on the COVID 19 frontline in Dallas to include UT Southwestern Hospital and Texas Oncology. In addition, Evan worked with the Strake Jesuit College Preparatory Mother’s Group, Masks of Hope, to create free masks for health care workers in Houston, those in need across the US, and the US Coast Guard. 


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