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Baseball - Boys Junior Varsity


  • Pasadena Sporting Goods has prepared a player packet for our teams. Purchase additional equipment items through this packet so that the team will have a uniform look. The packet will include things such as: bat bags, sliding pants, compression wear, belt, helmets, leggings, practice pants, etc. You will receive this packet of equipment as soon as Pasadena gets it to us. We want our team to be looking sharp. All of these equipment items are optional, but we want you to have the option.
  • Shoes – shoes will be included in the packet, but you can purchase them wherever you like. We need them to be predominantly black. Shoes can have no metal spikes.
  • Bats – purchase your bats wherever you prefer, but the standards for legal bats are:
  • Bats must have a USA Baseball marking, the barrel maximum is 2 5/8”
  • Use of a BBCOR bat is permitted in HJPC competition.
  • Gloves – You will need a good glove for practice. We suggest that you buy this in time to break it in before Feb. 4. If you already have a good glove make sure it is in top shape. The school provides catchers’ mitts and first base mitts if you plan on playing these specialized positions, we will provide the gloves.
  • Helmets – if you wish to purchase your own helmet, you can purchase it from Pasadena in the packet as we want all helmets to look alike. We will require all helmets to have the PS logo.

Hitting: – It is a good idea to have a hitting coach. We highly recommend a place named Sport Sight. Their location is 5856 S. Rice and the phone number is 832-641-3945. These guys are good and familiar with our program and philosophy. We have negotiated a steep discount with them for lessons and training. Mention that you are a Presbyterian student, and you will receive the discount.

Throwing Program: - We have a throwing program that you need to get started on ASAP. The basic elements of the program are:

  • Squared feet – 20 yards approximately
  • Rock Back throwing – a little longer 30-40 yards
  • Slide Step Long Toss – increase the distance gradually and keep your throws low. We want a release out in front of your face and would prefer it to bounce rather than to loop the throw. Throw it on a straight line.
  • Move Back In – get closer and continue throwing but focus on a specific target.

Make sure you begin easily and warm up adequately in Squared Feet. It is important that you do not injure your arm by throwing too much too early. The purpose of the program is to build arm strength.

Game Schedules are online. Opening Day is Feb. 4.

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