Team Information

Softball - Girls Varsity

Girls Softball (7th-8th Grade only)


Coaches: Casey Rosselet and Leslie Ukandu 


Practices: Practice will begin on February 8. Our practices will be at WUSA South Campus Complex off of Stella Link on field number one. The practice and current game schedule is located online. The team is transported to South Campus. Pick up will be at 4:30 at WUSA South Campus. If you have any questions please email Coach Rosselet at


Required Gear:

  • Shoes –. We need them to be predominantly black. Shoes can have no metal spikes.
  • Bats – purchase your bats wherever you prefer.
  • Gloves – You will need a good glove for practice. We suggest that you buy this in time to break it in before Feb. 8. If you already have a good glove, make sure it is in top shape. The school provides catchers' mitt. If you plan on playing these specialized positions, we will provide the glove.
  • Helmets – if you wish to purchase your own helmet, you can purchase it remembering we want all helmets to be school colors.
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