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Do you experience fulfillment from helping eager and motivated young people grow into their potential? Do the terms “leading edge,” “progressive,” and “innovative” characterize and excite you? Are you interested in working in a place that values your creativity and seeks to cultivate that same creativity in the next generation of leaders? Do you value working alongside colleagues who share your values as well as your workload? Do you seek an opportunity that gives you the autonomy to try new ways of inspiring learning—your own as well as your students’? 

If so, you need to work at Presbyterian School in Houston, Texas!

We are preparing the leaders of a dynamic and exciting tomorrow by assembling an equally dynamic and exciting group of teachers and staff who will not only usher in that future but also model the passion, skills, and mindset that will characterize it. All new faculty and staff members are given a new iPad or laptop for personal and professional use. It is our belief that empowering teachers to lead with the finest and most progressive educational tools will cultivate their expertise in finding new and better ways of teaching and learning that will benefit our students and advance our mission.

This is a transformative time to be an educator, and Presbyterian School offers a singular opportunity to teach boldly and to learn collaboratively. We are eager to have you join us in our important work.  

Presbyterian School seeks to attract qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds to its faculty, staff and student body who are able to support and further the mission of the school.  Accordingly, all positions on the faculty and administrative staff will be filled solely on the basis of merit and without reference to the applicant's age, sex, disability, ethnic or national origin.  In light of the school's religious nature, it does reserve the right to consider an applicant's or employee's religious beliefs and practices in employment decisions. 

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Extended Day Assistant

MS English Teacher

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Please visit this site often, as more employment opportunities may arise in the future. 

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Early Childhood

What if play and imagination were the most valuable players in every school day? Experience learning in PK3, PK4 and Kindergarten with teachers who dream and children who delight in the boundless potential of each day. 

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Lower School

What if your child learned and gained perseverance through problem solving? What if your child grew more independent and confident while doing so? Experience Confidence in every Child, 1st-5th grade.

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Middle School

Relish the middle school experience at Presbyterian School where reflection, exploration, fortitude and celebration - and gracious adults - guide 6th-8th grade students toward great thinking and practical leadership.   

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Faith at Work

What if the fear of David facing Goliath for the first time came alive as you put on David's shoes? What if your childlike faith grew to move mountains? See the Spirit of God at work in acts of faith and kindness.

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Fine Arts

What if your God-given gifts were mined, sending you forth with a greater knowledge of who you are meant to be? Work together with invested teachers and friends in a culture that honors and invites artistic pursuit.

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What if physical training made me stronger spiritually, mentally and emotionally? Dare to join one of our 35 Presbyterian School sports teams and become a Panther who strives for the greatest rewards.

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