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Presbyterian School has been an integral part of me and my family's life from before birth. As a lifelong member of First Presbyterian Church, I was both baptized and confirmed in the Sanctuary. It was only natural that I attend the school from Kindergarten through 8th grade before going on to Kinkaid and receiving my BBA from Texas A&M University. Then, my younger brother, Nicholas Wood became a student from Beta through 8th Grade and also attended Kinkaid and received his BBA and MSF from Texas A&M University… and last but not least my youngest brother, Thomas Wood, was a student from Alpha (which doesn't even exist anymore!) through 7th grade.


Throughout our long family history at Presbyterian School, my family learned many things.  One thing that comes to mind, when I think about Presbyterian school and how it has shaped the woman I am today, is compassion. Compassion is one of the six core values that makes up Presbyterian School's iconic window.  The school uses the pillar to convey the message "It's about showing your love."  I have a lot of love for many things in my life, but in this message, I'd like to share my love for my city.


On August 27, 2017 the "Costliest tropical cyclone on record" hit Houston, TX dropping over 51 inches of rainfall throughout the city.  Hurricane Harvey (or Horrible Harvey as I've referred to it since) displaced 32,000 Houstonians into shelters over the course of a week, left 210,000 Texans signing up for FEMA, obliterated over 110,000 vehicles, and will cost the USA $198 BILLION in damages.  Although I was not physically affected, I will say my survivor's guilt immediately took over.


Unable to access any major roadways for almost a full 24 hours, I immediately started posting city-wide updates, volunteer drop-offs, and shelter openings on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. As soon as we were able my friends and I kicked it into high gear and found ways to George R Brown, NRG Park, BBVA Compass Stadium, and many other volunteer spots throughout the city of Houston to help do whatever we could for our community.  


The number of volunteers at every shelter was overwhelming.  By day four we were being turned away even though we had signed up for volunteer shifts, so we decided to continue our efforts through other parts of Texas.  One morning we road tripped two SUVS of bottled water to Beaumont.  The next day my office opened again, so I spearheaded with other Knoll furniture dealerships throughout Texas and we used our Debner+ trucks to move supplies across the state.


Something I urge you all to do is find a company and a boss where you find passion in your work.  My company, Debner+Company is an office, education, and healthcare furniture dealership and I serve as the Brand Marketing Manager creating relationships throughout the Architect & Design and Commercial Real Estate worlds.  In fact, we currently have a 2nd grade and 4th grade mock-up classroom at Presbyterian School in hopes of working on the new building!  What is so wonderful about Debner+ is the + stands for Company and Community and the city of Houston (and all its residents) is included in our Community.  My CEO and President encouraged and continued to pay employees to spend time in the community volunteering after Harvey. How can you NOT want to work for a guy like that?


Whatever you choose to do in life, wherever you choose to live in life, take time to get involved in your community and remember how Presbyterian School helped shape that through its service days, school book drives, the Nehemiah Center, etc. and how the school continues to serve its Alumni and families.


Our Alumni group is growing quickly with each graduating class and we look forward to helping you throughout your careers in Houston, TX.




Julia Wood

Class of 2004


A Look At Our New Building


Presbyterian School is building a new Early Childhood and Lower School building, as well as renovating the Middle School!


Within the next few weeks, all alumni should receive a booklet about the project. If we do not have your updated address please email Ryan Hertlein, Alumni Coordinator, with that information.



Events in November


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  • Wednesday, November 15th: Middle School Open House at 6:00 pm
  • Friday, November 17th: Thanksgiving Chapel at 2:30pm


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  • Thursday, January 4th: Location TBD at 5:00pm


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Have a Great Thanksgiving Break!!!


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PS Alum Assists on Amazing Astros Season!


This past summer I had the opportunity to intern for the Houston Astros. During my internship I served in the Retail and Merchandise Department, and I got to learn and experience first hand everything that happens on this side of the business. From running the ten team stores in the stadium, to sitting in on meetings about buying new merchandise, helping unload merchandise in the warehouse and everything in between.


I had the privilege to work on several projects throughout the summer. I was able to work with the Authentication team and work on a project for that part of our department. I was also able to help with a Spring Training Review, a Retail Marketing Investment Fund and Budget project, and was able to help create the Organizations Newsletter over the summer.


Since the end of my internship in August, due to school, I have kept in close touch with my department and the organization. During the teams post season run I was asked to come back and help as the team hosted three home World Series Games. This was such an incredible honor to be asked to come help work these games. I had the time of my life working for the team, I grew up supporting, in the World Series. It honestly has been the experience of a lifetime and I am so thankful to The Houston Astros for the opportunities they have given me. What a team, what an organization and what a season! I was so happy I got to be a part of it! Go Houston and Go Astros!!!


Brooke Jenkins

Class of 2011


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