Early Childhood


Where the joy of learning takes off!

What if letter sounds and foundational math came packaged in journeys through the Amazon Rainforest and flights to countries throughout the world? What if the courage of superheroes gave hesitant readers the power to read? What if it only took 99 steps to see the sarcophagus or the Degas in the day’s lesson? What if your role in the 8th grade musical was foreshadowed in your original dramatic presentation in PreKindergarten? For younger learners, we know play and imagination are essential to learning. At PS, superb Early Childhood teachers set children on a path of intentional learning that feels like play, so students delight in the boundless potential of each school day. Schedule a visit to experience the PS difference.

A child’s natural sense of wonder about the world is fulfilled through the joyful experience of play. Play helps us to build our mental muscles of creativity and curiosity and this is the gateway to all learning. When you are creative and curious the possibilities are endless!

Lois Geiger, Head of Early Childhood

meet the Baltodanos

Nancy, PK3 Teacher
Alvaro, Assistant Director of Athletics
Noah, Class of '24
Natalia, Class of 27

Many occasions have caused us to stop and think about how grateful we are to work and send our children to Presbyterian School. Witnessing our work and school community come together in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey was really moving and quite amazing. Students, families, and faculty came together to help those affected by the hurricane. While it was a difficult time for many, it was an experience we won’t forget. PS has become family, and that experience exemplified what the School stands for.

Simply put, investing in Presbyterian School is investing in your family.  We have witnessed our children show perseverance in hard situations.  They have shown courage countless times when they weren’t too confident they could.  They have shown compassion and respect toward others—and even acknowledged when they could have done things differently.  Learning the importance of integrity and gratitude are not always easy when you’re a child, but having a support system that acknowledges the importance of these core values has been not only comforting, but essential in the upbringing of our children.

We believe that along with a great education, it is important to instill a strong spiritual foundation in children.  By being at a place that recognizes the importance of educating children through the three dimensions of family, church, and school, we hope that our own children will grow up as strong, caring individuals. Being able to work for a school that embodies everything we believe in is such a blessing, and we wanted to give our children the same privilege. Presbyterian School has been the perfect place for our family.

Soak in the moments and enjoy what is happening around you right now ...the storytelling, the Dinosaur Museum, and all the special events. These fun, playful years help build character and are essential to our children’s growth.

Presbyterian School is our family.

Nancy Baltodano, Faculty



countries visited in PreK Airlines

Our teachers created PreK Airlines, a world class interdisciplinary, project-based curriculum which immerses students in the culture of various countries around the world for an entire year. 


hours learning through play

A child's play is the most important work he/she does each day. Our classrooms offer well-equipped theme-oriented interest areas that give all Early Childhood students the opportunity to learn through play.


years of combined teaching experience

We value experienced teachers leading our Early Childhood students. Among our 18 PK3, PK4 and Kindergarten teachers, we have a total of 242 years of teaching experience in the classroom. 


daily exercise oportunities

Being physically active every day is important for the healthy growth and development of students. Every day, students participate in PE and enjoy two recesses. 


number of crayons used 

Students are encouraged to express themselves and their creative talents in the daily curriculum. A wide variety of art materials are used in the classroom and with specialists in art and music.