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PreKindergarten 4


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At Presbyterian School, we understand that children learn best through play. During play, the brain is relaxed and working efficiently which is an ideal state for learning to occur. When children are exposed to a rich play environment, they are given the opportunity to learn and express themselves in a range of modalities. Our play-based approach to instruction in PK4 is dynamic and everchanging. Our talented teachers are continually assessing student needs and interests to design engaging learning experiences that capitalize on the naturally inquisitive nature of our students to facilitate the acquisition of foundational knowledge and skills through play.

Social Studies

In PK4 learning takes flight with the PreK Airlines curriculum. Students travel around the world to take in all the sights, smells, and wonders of different cultures! Under this Social Studies umbrella, the classroom is transformed as math, literacy, science, and dramatic play are all integrated into each new country we study.  


Students learn foundational mathematical skills through experimentation, investigation, discovery, construction and discussion. The active hands-on approach utilizes a variety of materials and manipulatives which supports the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Language Arts

Our language arts curriculum emphasizes the development of oral language vocabulary, letter recognition, letter/sound correspondence, phonemic awareness, inventive spelling, story dictation, and fine motor development to support written expression. Students are encouraged to experiment with language through story dramatization, singing, discussion and read-alouds. 


Young children are natural scientists and science is happening all around them. Students use their 5 senses for exploration, investigation, observation and experimentation. Children are encouraged to question, discuss and test their hypothesis in an active, hands-on process of scientific discovery.  

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