Faith at Work


Where we live by the Spirit!

What if your childlike faith grew to move mountains? What if the neighbor you loved as yourself was a child in Africa to whom you write letters? What if 264 middle school students looked to you as their chapel leader? What if the fear of David facing Goliath for the first time came alive as you put on David's shoes?  What if lunchtime was a safe place to be yourself, share your hopes and concerns with someone who has walked the path you're on? What if your athletic team prayed together on and off the field? What if your shoes, your books and your Halloween candy could bless other Houstonians? What if your childlike faith grew to move mountains? Schedule a visit to see the Spirit of God at work and experience the PS difference.

We strive to walk in love, as Christ loved us. This is the heart of our worship, learning, and service together.

Nathan Tenney, Chaplain


chapels per year

The School gives thanks to God in weekly grade level chapels in addition to special schoolwide chapels for Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and the start and conclusion of school.


service organization partnerships

As a school focused on meaningful collaboration and connection in the community, we consider opportunities to share our resources, our campus, people and talents a true blessing.


student service hours

From working with young children to serving senior adults to sorting books and pantry items, all Lower and Middle School students participate in year-long service projects in our community.


bible studies & classes

Middle School students have daily opportunities to learn from God's word, talk about current issues, and dive into matters of the heart in Bible Class and lunchtime bible studies.


books donated to Books Between Kids

Books Between Kids is a locally based non-profit organization founded in 2012 to serve Houston’s at-risk children by providing them with books to build their own home libraries.

meet Audrey Beathard

Presbyterian School '08
St. Agnes Academy '12
Clemson University '16

I began Presbyterian School in seventh grade and received incredible support from the faculty. All of my teachers pushed for collaboration and excellence in their classroom. I always felt challenged, which allowed me to be a great student in high school and college. One of my best friends in the whole world is a girl I met in middle school at PS. She was my maid of honor at my wedding, and we would do anything for each other. 

The relationships I cultivated with faculty and friends in middle school set the stage for a greater relationship I found in high school. I began to get more involved in my church youth program at Bellaire United Methodist Church and I was able to ask questions and learn more about God. I knew things about God but did not have an actual relationship with Him until my senior year of high school. 

After graduation from Clemson University, I returned to Houston and became involved in a bigger church. I enjoyed attending there, but I felt like it was hard to be known with so many people. My life group at the church was amazing, and I loved the other couples my husband and I got to do life with. When our life group talked about starting a church, my husband and I jumped on board and went to help plant the Sandbox Church and serve as deacons.

Relationships are key to life. My top three priorities are to be the best child of God, best wife, and best friend and support to others. 

Looking back from where I stand now, I can offer this advice. Take all the opportunities presented to you and allow yourself to grow and experience the world. Start to understand that you are here for a bigger purpose than yourself and your current circumstances. Cherish your time at Presbyterian School. Cultivate friendships with the people in your class now—some of them will be your lifelong friends (or even be your maid of honor in your wedding, and you may not even know it yet!)

 Start to understand that you are here for a bigger purpose than yourself.

Audrey Beathard '08

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