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Defining Presbyterian

What does Presbyterian mean?

understanding who we are

The word Presbyterian simply means “ruled by elders” and refers not to doctrines but to a particular form of representative church governance.  Presbyterianism is a denomination of Christianity that is part of the Reformed branch of Protestantism.  Presbyterians historically emphasize the centrality of Scripture in proclaiming the story of God’s covenant relationship with humanity and of the grace made available to us by God through faith in Jesus Christ.  Additionally, Presbyterians value education and have established numerous schools, including Princeton University, Davidson College, Trinity University, and Rhodes College, to name only a few.  Presbyterians also played a vital role in the establishment of American democracy; in fact, the Presbyterian form of church governance served as a model for how the US government is structured.

Standing in the long tradition of the Reformed Church’s commitment to education, Presbyterian School places special emphasis on four traditional pillars of “Presbyterian” education. 

  1. We believe in informational education, challenging our students to learn about the world and how it functions. 
  2. We believe in vocational education, through which we promote the development of our students’ God-given talents to begin to identify the vocation to which they may be called. 
  3. We believe in an education that is unconditional, where we are fostering a love rooted in Christ’s love of God the Father and exemplified by a family’s love for one another. 
  4. We believe in a transformational education, through which our students (and their families) go into the world, into our communities, and into individual relationships with an experience that brings us all closer to God through his son Jesus Christ.

Presbyterian School seeks to help its students understand and believe, at the simplest yet deepest level, that God loves them unconditionally.  Children of all races, ethnic groups, and religious backgrounds are welcome and will be encouraged to develop their spiritual identities and their love of God in a Christ-centered environment.

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