How We Serve

Service Opportunities

Independent schools like Presbyterian School ought to believe that the school experience is not just about what happens through the end of students’ time with us—it’s about what happens to them for a lifetime. The training and lessons our students receive—or do not receive—during their years with us will have an impact not only on their character but on the choices they make in high school, in  college, and (dare we say it?) beyond.

By means of creative programs in local and regional communities, we will take up the task of training the next generation of leaders to understand that some of the greatest achievements of our time have been borne out of courageous service and that some of our most successful leaders subscribe to the adage that true leadership is about action and not position. 

Our goal at PS is to have all Lower and Middle School grade levels each have a designated Service Project. We believe that service provides needed perspective by reminding us all to be grateful and highlights the importance of giving back.

Some service projects have been modified or postponed for the 2020-21 school year due to COVID-19 Health Protocols.