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Fine Arts

Fine Arts

where students are part of our city's artistic hub

What if art teachers gave you the time and attention to build focus and skill that supported your creative ideas? What if the work of master artists and cultural treasures from different civilizations were right next door and the door was always open? What if joy and imagination weren’t relegated to the playground, but you and your friends were continually at play in music and on the stage? What if your school looked to you to lead as an actor, singer, and dancer? What if your God-given gifts were ignited, sending you forth with a greater knowledge of who you are meant to be? Schedule a visit to see a culture that honors the creative spark in every student and experience the PS difference.


exhibitions and performances

Students have many opportunities to participate in grade level and school wide exhibitions and productions throughout the year for peers, teachers, parents, grandparents and special friends.


fine arts faculty & guest teachers

The School's fine arts department is made of a dozen experienced full-time faculty members and part-time expert professionals from the community who specialize in art, music, drama and dance.


fine arts electives

7th and 8th grade students take a fine arts elective every day. There have been over 90 different classes in performing and studio arts offered to students to ignite creativity and exercise their imaginations.


partnerships in the city

The proximity of world renowned institutions in the city has allowed the School to forge many partnerships with institutions in the Arts, Sciences and Medicine to expand our student's learning.

19 +

museums within walking distance

The School is part of an archipelago of the arts and academia in the heart of Houston's Museum District. Students walk out of the school and into over 20 museums without ever boarding a bus. 


oh, the places you’ll go


great stories begin here


be you, be brilliant

Early Childhood


What if play and imagination were the most valuable players in every school day? Experience learning in PK3, PK4 and Kindergarten with teachers who dream and children who delight in the boundless potential of each day. 

Lower School


What if your child learned and gained perseverance through problem solving? What if your child grew more independent and confident while doing so? Experience Confidence in every Child, 1st-5th grade.

Middle School


Relish the middle school experience at Presbyterian School where reflection, exploration, fortitude and celebration - and gracious adults - guide 6th-8th grade students toward great thinking and practical leadership.

Faith at Work


What if the fear of David facing Goliath for the first time came alive as you put on David's shoes? What if your childlike faith grew to move mountains? See the Spirit of God at work in acts of faith and kindness.

Fine Arts


What if your God-given gifts were mined, sending you forth with a greater knowledge of who you are meant to be? Work together with invested teachers and friends in a culture that honors and invites artistic pursuit.



What if physical training made me stronger spiritually, mentally and emotionally? Dare to join one of our 35 Presbyterian School sports teams and become a Panther who strives for the greatest rewards.