Culinary Arts

Panthers Love to Cook!

There’s much about pandemic living that we’re eager to leave behind; the masks, the stress, and our inability to share close contact with friends. While these are just a few of the negatives, there have been some positive and fulfilling opportunities as well. Pivoting to COVID-friendly experiences and teaching has paved the way for teachers to open the door to new, exciting and creative experiences for students.

During online learning last Spring, Lower School Think.Make.Talk teachers launched Think.BAKE.Talk. which encouraged students to go into their kitchens and work through and document a baking process independently. This activity was a meaningful, memorable, and delicious experience.

Realizing the difficulties with singing in masks and the risk of COVID-19 singing unmasked in enclosed spaces, Middle School Music teacher, Charles Harrison, pivoted from teaching choral music to take his music and fine arts students through the culinary arts. Mr. Harrison taught middle school students simple recipes to help them appreciate cooking and to develop important life-skills. The foods also functioned as a vehicle to learn about other countries while students listened to music from those regions and discussed their cultural contributions to the cuisine. Much like music, completing a meal gave students immediate feedback to gauge their success.  Because there was so much cooking happening at the School, there was a lot of leftover food. After each cooking class, Mr. Harrison took the leftover food to the homeless. The combination of music and cooking turned into a great benefit for the students and the greater Houston homeless community.

6th grade student, Cale Cross shared, “One thing I like about cooking is learning new recipes I can cook with my family at home. It’s important that we listen to Mr. Harrison so we know what steps to follow. We only have 45 minutes to cook the food, which goes by very quickly. Even though we aren’t allowed to eat our food together, I like that we give it to the homeless.”

The recipes taught to our students have been assembled into a mini recipe book. We encourage your family to try a recipe, have fun cooking and eating together! Until we can sing and gather again, we're connecting people through cooking, uplifting their souls and bringing joy into the world.

Joyful Cooking: PS Simple Recipes to Cook and Enjoy

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