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EC Fine Arts


awaken your creative senses

Fine Arts in Early Childhood capitalizes on the inherent joy of young children for music and art and delivers intentional instruction that builds a beginning technique. Students are exposed to music and art from many times and places, and practice skills of listening, observing and creating.


At Presbyterian School, art instruction begins at 3 years old with an Art Specialist dedicated exclusively for the Early Childhood division. The emphasis is on developing joy in creating, although art class builds observation skills, fine motor strength, and imagination. Each lesson addresses foundational skills in color, shape, line, space, or mark making as well as artists and art throughout history. Lessons also integrate with classroom learning. If PK3 students are studying community, they  look and find the shapes in our school building. When PK4 travels to France, students practice cave paintings from the earliest known art. When Kindergarten writes original plays for Kinder Theater, art classes assist with sets and props.  At the end of Early Childhood, students take home a portfolio book of art from all three years, seeing their evolution and growth in art over the course of their early years at Presbyterian School.


There is nothing more joyous than three, four, and five year olds singing and moving to music! Music in Early Childhood is a study in play-based learning, where foundational skills are being introduced and practiced through song games, nursery rhymes, and songs from many times and places. Students practice healthy habits in singing, using their whole body as their instrument. They work to internalize the steady beat through gross and fine motor movements.  They tell stories with their songs, exercising imagination and expression. What happens in the classroom curriculum is often reinforced through songs in music class.  Students also prepare music offerings to sing in special chapels, learning the songs of the faith. Performance opportunities are developmentally appropriate and focused on the joy of sharing music with God and their families. 

Signature Moments

The signature moments in Early Childhood (EC) fine arts include Christmas Chapel, where over one hundred voices join in song, grade level museums that integrate the arts into storytelling (PK 3 Lights! Camera! Action!), learning about world cultures (PK 4 Airlines Parade) and combining creative writing, dramatic presentation, and scenery making (Kinder Theater). EC fine arts culminates with taking home their three year EC Art Portfolio and Kindergarten singing the School Song at Closing Chapel.

Meet the Team

Brandy Collins: Early Childhood Art Teacher

Art has the power to transcend time and connect generations. In tan insightful conversation with Brandy Collins, our early childhood art teacher, we explore the creative and innovative ways art history is introduced to young minds. Brandy shares her passion for teaching art through the lens of history and the magical "aha" moments that occur in her classroom.

Vasti Atkins: Early Childhood Music & Panther Music Lab Teacher

Early Childhood and Lower School Music Teacher, Vasti Atkins, is taking students beyond the vocal and performing outlets to a behind the scenes approach to the process. A surge of student interest has led to the creation of a unique and innovative course: Panther Music Lab. Meet Vasti and learn more about the creative force behind this musical venture and read about explore the inner workings of her class and the exciting projects that have emerged from it.