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LS Fine Arts


we are all artists

Lower School Fine Arts celebrates the learner and the creative! As first-fifth grade students gain in foundational skills, they seize on greater challenges while learning communication skills through art and performance. Students learn firsthand that their product is a combination of creative problem solving, diligent attention, and artful imagination. 


The Lower School Art Studio is a sanctuary, where the environment is calm and focused, and thoughtful problem solving honors the God-given creativity of each artist. The teaching is process-oriented, with the desire for students to experience a variety of media as each year they engage differently with the elements of art. Students engage with living artists, whether in person or viewing them at work in their studio. 

While art is often individualistic, students also experience the joy of combining talents in collaborative work. First graders collaborate annually with the 8th grade Digital Illustration class, where the older students digitize an image from the younger student’s drawing. Collaborative art installations involve multiple grade levels, and can include family participation as well, like the year the thankfulness leaves attached to the 5th graders' lifesize tree sculptures adorned with 4th graders’ bird sculptures. Each year the collaborative installation is different in scope and subject.


In Lower School Music, students build through song games, folk songs, and partner dances. Each lesson incorporates play that practices melodic and rhythmic patterns, taught in a careful sequence. At the end of the lesson sequence, the new element is made conscious, and students practice it in the context of new song literature. In addition to music reading, students practice expressive and tuneful singing, and they learn the importance of working together as a group. Every grade level prepares a special offering for all-school chapels gaining performance experience. There is an extracurricular choir, Cub Choir, for 3rd and 4th grade students that meets before school and sings at school and community events. 

Fifth graders have the choice of advanced choir, Panther Singers, or Panther Music Lab, where students learn software applications for creating music digitally and fuse sound with the meaning of the text in underscoring a poem or children’s book.

Signature Moments

The signature moments in Lower School fine arts include joining choir, where you lead in chapel and sing at community concerts, influencing Installation choices for the Middle School art exhibit, learning to create music digitally, collaborating across divisions for unique art projects, and performing opportunities like fourth grade Texas exhibition and fifth grade musical.

Meet the Team

Holly Holt: Lower School Music Teacher

Six Presbyterian School students were selected for the 2021-22 Houston Boychoir Preparatory Choir, the renown group’s 60th Anniversary season. Presbyterian School was honored to have the highest number of students selected that year. Lower School Music teacher, Holly Holt, has served as the Houston Boychoir Preparatory Program Director for over two decades. She is proud to watch her students and former students join the Houston Boychoir.

Terry Flores: Lower School Art Teacher

First Presbyterian Church unveiled a financial incentive to entrepreneurs who were looking to transform and renew the Houston community. Project Flourish was born as a shark-tank type model where $250,000 seed money was up for grabs. Lower School Art teacher, Terry Flores, was one of the proud recipients of Project Flourish funding for the development of her non-profit organizations, ArtPark Studios .

Vasti Atkins: Early Childhood Music & Panther Music Lab Teacher

Early Childhood and Lower School Music Teacher, Vasti Atkins, is taking students beyond the vocal and performing outlets to a behind the scenes approach to the process. A surge of student interest has led to the creation of a unique and innovative course: Panther Music Lab. Meet Vasti and learn more about the creative force behind this musical venture and read about explore the inner workings of her class and the exciting projects that have emerged from it.