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MS Fine Arts


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Middle School Fine Arts allows for greater breadth, with a substantial increase in course offerings. There is also a greater depth achieved at this level, as students strengthen their focus and cooperation skills. Students find belonging in endeavoring together toward common goals.

6th Grade Fine Arts Classes

All 6th grade students spend 12 weeks each in the following classes:

  1. Choir: students rehearse with focus and discipline, practice listening and music literacy skills, advance their part-singing, as well as perform expressively. 

  2. Art: students create art in a wide variety of media with an emphasis on skill development and techniques, critical thinking, creative risk taking, self-expression, and character building through art.
  3. Drama: students use drama games to build focus, trust, and listening skills. They study pantomime, improvisation and character building and prepare a monologue performed for classmates.
  4. Habits of Mind: students learn how to calm and quiet their state of mind through art experiences.

Students also take 6 weeks of Creative Writing and 6 weeks of Reader’s Theater, helping students find their literary and theatrical voice.

7th & 8th Grade Fine Arts Electives

In 7th and 8th grades, students have the opportunity to exercise a choice in fine arts electives. Students can take 6 electives a year, two per trimester. Over the past decade, the School has offered over 93 different fine arts electives in the following genres:

  • Drawing & Painting 
  • Multi-Dimensional Art
  • Digital Art
  • Museum Experience
  • Expressive Art
  • Music
  • Film
  • Dance
  • On Stage

In the current school year, we offer Choir (by gender) and music classes including Guitar, Drumming and Chapel Band.  Drama performs a One-Act Play and Dance performs at pep rallies and Pop Concert. Art offerings include Old School Drawing, Sculpture, Digital Illustration and special subjects like Paper Art and Photography. Students can work on publications like Yearbook, Literary Magazine, or Newspaper. Thanks to our location, we have a Museum District class where students go to museum exhibits and meet artists and curators.  Our partnership with MFAH’s Glassell School of Art offers us classes in Mixed Media and Sewing.

The School is able to offer an array of electives because in addition to three full-time fine arts teachers (Art, Choir, Dance/Drama), the School employs 10 additional guest artist teachers. They teach their craft on a part-time basis, and many are long-tenured, important members of the PS community.

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Signature Moments

Signature moments in Middle School fine arts are found in the number of engaging electives offered which help our students discover talents to pursue further in high school. 

Meet the Team

Brigette O'Brian: Middle School Performing Arts Teacher

Middle School Performing Arts Teacher, Brigette O’Brian’s passion for dancing has led her into the professional world of choreography. Not only is she teaching PS students during the day, but she’s choreographing dances at multiple pageants and most recently, has spent some time on Broadway. 

Ben Rorabaugh: Middle School Music Teacher

Ben Rorabaugh, is not only Presbyterian School's Middle School Choir Director, but he is also a very talented singer and performer. He is currently involved in the production of Wagner's "Parsifal" at the Houston Grand Opera. Read more bout Ben's musical journey, experiences, and insights into the intricate world of opera.

Nick Mayeux: Middle School Art Teacher

What if you could take the imagination of a child and collaborate with an older or more experienced artist to magically bring your ideas to life? This is the concept behind at st and 8th grade art collaborative project facilitated by Middle School Art teacher, Nick Mayeux.