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7th Grade Studies at Glassell School of Art
7th Grade Studies at Glassell School of Art
Each 7th grader will spend a month taking basic clay classes at the Glassell School of Art.

Presbyterian School offers an art program that focuses on the principles of design and aesthtic awareness, as well as art history.  Supplementing the School's art program are strategic partnerships that occur during the school day with neighboring institutions of Arts. One of these strategic partnerships includes the Glassell School of Art.  

Currently, seventh grade students are spending a month learning at the Glassell School of Art.  Each student in 7th grade will spend four class periods at the Glassell School of Art taking basic clay classes. They are working on basic clay building techniques, specifically coiling, that will result in a clay pot that will be glazed.  In addition to basic clay techniques, every 7th grader will get the chance to throw on the potters wheel. While Presbyterian School has a kiln in the Middle School Art lab, there is no potter's wheel for the students to work with.  So, this is a unique experience for our students.  All students will be able to take home their piece of pottery.

Special thanks to the Director of Glassell School of Art, Pam Perez, who worked with Middle School Art Teacher, Bonnie Berler, and Director of Fine Arts, Courtney Daniell-Knapp, for making this opportunity possible.