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Panthers Place 3rd in First Swim Meet of the Season
Panthers Place 3rd in First Swim Meet of the Season
Our small, but mighty Panther Swim Team did an amazing job last night at their first swim meet of the season at Lamar High School! The Panthers placed 3rd overall, with the Girl's Team placing 2nd. Presbyterian was the youngest team competing at this meet with 6th-7th graders competing against other teams' 7th-8th graders. 
Following are some highlights from this meet. Zelie Hughes placed 1st (out of 32 other female swimmers) in the 50 Yard Freestyle with a record time of 28.29 and placed 2nd in the 50 Yard Breast Stroke. Johana Castro placed 1st in the 50 Yard Fly with a record time of 33.09, 5 whole seconds faster than the 2nd place swimmer. Samantha Wotring, Sydney Coward and Kate Teagarden placed 2nd, 4th, and 5th overall in the Girl's 100 Yard Freestyle. Josh Schwartz placed 3rd in the Boy's 100 Yard Freestyle. Wyatt Edgecomb shaved 26 seconds off of his 50 Yard Backstroke trial time, placing 6th. Zelie, Sydney, Samantha, and Johana placed 3rd overall in the Mixed 200 Medley Relay.

Congratulations to all of the Presbyterian Panther swimmers on their outstanding job at this meet!