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Three Cheers for our New Turf
Three Cheers for our New Turf


Can you guess what our students were most thankful for this past month? The NEW PLAYGROUND of course! Enthusiasm for our new green turf was of epic proportions... imagine Disney World excitement. Before school, students could barely wait for their cars to slow down before jumping out. The words, "Mom, C'mon, let's go!' were heard over and over as students ran, literally ran, to the playground gates. Christy Heno, Head of Early Childhood and Lower School, received so many compliments from students on "opening day" and the days following including, "This is the greatest day ever!" and "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"  and "I love the room to run around on the playground!" With the new configuration of the playground, there is a lot more room for students to run and play. The new playground has become THE destination spot after school.  Students of all ages have converged on the playground to chase each other around as they shed their shoes and the cares of the day away. Whether it's playing a robust game of four square or taking a turn on the new oodle swing or zooming down the triple slide, there is a fun activity for everyone.

The students' excitement for our new playground has been gratifying for Playground Committee members, Anne Hereford, Ann Horne, Leanne Gotcher and Christy Heno, who spent numerous hours researching, discussing and planning the new playground.  They had hoped to create a new multi-function space that was an extension of the classroom inviting continued creativity, exploration, movement and collaboration in the outdoors. Stay tuned for Phase II of the North Playground Renovations which includes a stage, formal four square court, pergola, painting panels and tables.