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Moments of Gratitude
Moments of Gratitude


by: Marty Durden, Athletic Director

Luke 11:17-19 reveals an insightful parable describing the concept of gratitude.  Jesus encountered ten men who were dying of leprosy.  When these men saw Jesus they cried to Him, "Jesus, Master! Have mercy on us!"  Apart from a miracle these men knew they had no hope.  When Jesus healed them, they were overwhelmed with happiness. I'm sure they were jumping for joy, high-fiving, screaming just like when our team wins the big game!  It was an awesome moment to know that their lives were saved. 

But in their celebration they forgot who deserved the credit.  Only one of the ten remembered to turn around, and say thank you.  When this man found Jesus to express his gratitude, Christ asked him the haunting question, "Were there not ten of you who were healed?  Where are the nine?" 

In the world of athletics, it is easy to forget to say thanks. We can get caught in the moment so easily that we forget to recognize others who are equally responsible for our successes.  The running back who scores a touchdown could not do it without the linemen blocking for him. The player who scores a goal was only able to do so because of her teammate's pass.  The coach who receives a trophy must realize that he/she never played a second in the game and owes all success to the players.

Our culture is replete with ingratitude.  There are many people in the world just like these nine guys.  I challenge you to be different, do not follow popular culture. Remember to be grateful!  The heart of a truly great athlete is filled with gratitude--not pride. In the aftermath of our victories let us remember to turn around and say thank you.  Presbyterian School athletes seek a higher standard.  We strive to be that one person out of ten. 

Join us as we give thanks to those who made our victories possible this winter season. 

Thank you to our parents who sacrificed time and energy on a daily basis to drive their children to and from swim practice every day.  Swimming is a big commitment and oftentimes a year-round commitment outside of school.  The dedication of our swimmers paid off as we saw them in the winter season persevere as "underdogs," beat personal records and take top medal spots in swim meets. Their unwavering commitment to swimming and excellence mirrors the commitment of the adults in their lives.   

Thank you to Coach Mota for serving an athlete in a time of need. Recently, our soccer team played a tough opponent on our home field. As is his custom, Coach Mota prays with the team after games--win or lose. On this day, it was a hard fought game and the Panthers lost. Before Coach Mota huddled the team near midfield to pray, he noticed a player on the opposing team and felt that there was something he wanted to ask. The young man approached Coach Mota in tears and asked for our team to pray for his mother. The team huddled and prayed together with this athlete. Panthers love to win, but some things simply eclipse the final numbers on a scoreboard. This was such a moment. 

Thank you to the teammates who supported Gwen Rippeto (Class of '17) to achieve her 200th point of her basketball career at Presbyterian School. Gwen is the eighth girl basketball player to earn this distinction in PS history and the second athlete to earn this distinction as a 7th grader. Gwen has played basketball for the Presbyterian School Panthers for the past two years and is averaging 12 points per game.