Where promoting the good of others takes precedent!

What if leadership were more about ACTION than position? What if working together and asking for help wasn't a sign of weakness? What if debate about opposing perspectives did not divide us? What if promoting the good of others overrode selfish aims? What if educating ourselves about other’s ideas, cultures or beliefs led to greater justice in the world.. or even greater insight in our classrooms? What if we listened with respect for others and in service to a faith that teaches the love and forgiveness of a God who embraces us all? What if living a life of purpose guided us to act, lead and serve with unwavering integrity? Schedule a visit to meet our leaders and experience the PS difference. 

Resilience requires relationships, not rugged individualism.


members on the Board of Trustees

Our trustees include an array of parents, members of First Presbyterian Church, and community professionals who are passionate about the mission of the School.


faculty with graduate degrees

We believe in investing our resources and time towards professional development in order to encourage faculty to lead us in shaping the School's programming and curriculum.


HPD and security officers on campus

Safety and security is a top priority for the School given the urban location of our campus and the changing climate of schools. HPD officers are always present during the School day.


faculty who've taught 10+ years at PS

Our faculty love the PS community and have found their second home here. A majority of our faculty have taught or worked at the School for at least a decade or more.


average years of teaching experience

We value master teachers. The average number of years of teaching on our faculty is 14.5 years. Our veteran staff have much wisdom and experience to offer students and parents. 

meet Charlie Gramatges

Head of Middle School
Texas A&M University, B.A.
The George Washington University, M.A.

Never before have school leaders and educators in general been under more pressure to see into the future. Change in the world is accelerating. Technologies now allow us to learn and create in ways that a decade ago seemed far-fetched. Our Head of Middle School, Charlie Gramatges, is proud to be a part of Change School, a powerful community of passionate and global educational leaders who are opening their minds to reimagine what school can and must become for the next generation to thrive in this modern, changing world. Charlie shares, "Change School connects me to other great thinkers in education who seek to redefine school via actionable steps and processes that dynamically benefit the student in our schools. The lessons learned from leaders and colleagues in the program demand that I consider ways to change the shape, physically and pedagogically, of our learning spaces. At Presbyterian School. The program directors provide an evocative sense of urgency with each conversation that has me thinking about how I can do better in educational leadership while I learn ways to mobilize those around me, building an even greater educational environment."

In the past year, Change School has challenged nearly 300 educational leaders from 14 different countries to see the world and their work differently. Thinking differently and building the capacity to turn thoughts into action is hard work. Together, they are rewriting the story of education.


Let's reimagine what school must become for the next generation to thrive.

Charles Gramatges, Head of Middle School

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