Lower School


Where resilient young thinkers and doers grow!

What if morning routines were easy because of children’s excitement to get to school? What if lessons came alive through teachers who felt their mission was to know, love and challenge each child? What if growth was measured in perseverance, confidence and independence rather than rote tests? What if your school community invited families to enjoy the school playground on Saturdays? Enroll with 53 other families for five magical years shaped by 25 outstanding professionals at Presbyterian School! Schedule a visit to experience the PS difference.

In the Lower School, we aim to build relationships with each student based on trust and joy that inspire deep and exciting learning!!

Jessica Varela, Head of Lower School


specialists available to students

In addition to their classroom teachers, Lower School students benefit from a variety of specialists in Academic Enrichment, Art, Chapel, PE, Learning Commons, Music, Science, and Think.Make.Talk every week.


teacher to student ratio

Our low teacher to student ratio supports small classes that are more "high-touch" ensuring that our culture of intimate challenge and confidence in every child characterizes each family's experience.


Think. Make. Talk. hours per year

All students benefit from designated time to THINK deeply about problems, ideas, and research; creatively MAKE real-world applications out of their thinking; and TALK about what they've made.


minutes of PE and Recess daily

We strive to achieve the optimum blend of work and play, sport and art, in order to develop the academic, spiritual, physical, social, and emotional foundations  in each child.


interactive museums 

Each grade participates in and hosts a signature interactive "museum" event unique to their grade. Student research and inquiry lead to experiential learning and thoughtful rehearsal produces a polished performance. 

meet Eve Kroencke

Presbyterian School '18
St. John's School '22

My favorite memory at Presbyterian? How can I choose a favorite when there are too many to choose from?

There’s the time in first grade when we made pancakes, and I figured out that I was going to get a puppy. And the time in fourth grade when I put on a long, red skirt and danced to the Yellow Rose of Texas. I couldn’t stop smiling.

There’s the memory of fifth grade, when I created a study guide for history, sent it to a few people, and walked into the hallway where everyone was studying, and they all had copies. They smiled and thanked me, and I felt like I wasn’t just another fifth grader, and we weren’t just another fifth grade class.

One time in sixth grade, I couldn’t stop laughing at a luncheon because of the seventh and eighth graders at my table. I may have spilled hot chocolate absolutely everywhere, but it was completely worth it. The first soccer tournament in sixth grade when we did PKs (penalty kicks), I was goalie, and we won. That’s when I convinced my mom to let me continue to play goalie.

The first seventh grade dance was a special memory. Everyone was running up to everyone and telling them how beautiful they were because that’s just how our class was.

Then eighth grade, I have so many eighth grade memories. Mr. Sanchez’s Professor Snape Speech, the reveal of the musical, amazing advice from Mrs. Leever, and walking into any classroom and having teachers smile and hug me and ask how I am—because they care.

And last but not least, the eighth grade dance. When a slow song came on, the eighth graders got into a circle, and we just put our arms around each other and swayed to the music. It was because we had all gone through everything, and we weren't just another class at that point, we were dreamers. We all had memories, and we all had plans for the future. But at that point, we were a family.

Failing doesn't mean giving up at Presbyterian School.

Eve Kroencke '18