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Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade

moving forward

At PS, our Fifth Graders are ready to take on new challenges as the leaders of the Lower School.  The Fifth Grade year is the capstone of the PS Lower School program, encouraging students to apply skills, strategies, and core values built and sharpened over the last four years. This year offers time to solidify skills in leadership, responsibility, creativity and problem-solving, helping our students shape an exciting future.

After spending time studying Texas in Fourth Grade, it is their time to zoom out and study the foundations of North American history. They begin by understanding the time-honored techniques of navigating in sailboats with a compass and the stars. Knowing that, Fifth Graders will understand how voyagers in pre-digital times could travel across the oceans. From there, students will learn why people from England and Europe would leave everything they knew for the uncertainties of their New World.  Likewise, students will learn how the citizens of tribal nations in North America responded to the arrival of English and European people. Fifth Graders will then follow the United States from its rebellious colonial period to the establishment of our Constitutional republic.  As they study the Civil War, they will delve into the furious battle over enslaved African Americans, and the abolition of slavery by our Constitution’s 13th Amendment. When Fifth Graders complete this social studies course, they will culminate their experience with a visual timeline and musical program. 

On Exhibit: 5th Grade Human Impact Museum

Students begin taking science as a daily period in fifth grade, so as such, the focus of their museum is a science related topic. Taking a cue from Presbyterian School's motto, fifth graders dig into how humans have a responsibility as Children of God to "respect the environment". Students select a current issue that has had an effect on the environment to research, then they are asked to think creatively about solutions that could reverse the impact humans have had, and finally they choose a way to present their research and conclusions to their peers at an "Environmental Summit." 5th graders capitalize on the learning of the previous year using the same steps of researching, note taking, outlining, and writing a research paper. They also tap into the agency they've developed throughout their lower school experience to effectively choose from the various methods of presentation they have been exposed to from the previous four years.  Fifth Grade students create a compelling showcase of unique responses to real-world, current events in environmental science. What will you decide to do to help our world?

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