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Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade

finding your independence

It's Not Just About Texas' Independence! While most Fourth Graders in the city are sure to be studying Texas history, our take on this grade level expectation includes so much more. Going beyond memorizing just the facts, our students are immersed in recreating the history of Texas, understanding the vastness of the topography, recognizing the natural resources of our state, examining the literature, art, and music; everything that makes Texas great. Through this learning, our Fourth Graders’ independence is growing by leaps and bounds. Learning to collaborate in large and small groups, choosing a Texas topic to research independently, and finally bringing their topic to life in the culminating Fourth Grade Texas Museum allows our students to stretch their minds and demonstrate their learning all by themselves.  What an accomplishment!

On Exhibit: 4th Grade Texas Museum

Houston is home to one of the largest museum districts in the nation and PS is located right in the heart of it. Our goal is to one day be featured as an official Museum of Learning in the Houston Museum District but until that happens, we will continue to create our own Presbyterian School Museums. Each year every grade in the School determines a focus, completes research, learns from local experts, and then designs, creates, and installs their own grade level museum on campus. What makes Texas so great? Come find out at the Texas Museum!

4th grade students focus on a year-long study of Texas history, beginning their studies in the Paleoamerican time period and continuing to current day events in their home state. Students pick individual research topics about a person, place, or event that helped shape Texas. They learn the steps of researching, taking notes, outlining, and writing a research paper. Students also create an accompanying visual representation of their choice.

Drawing upon the experience of museum experts, including faculty and staff from the Glassell School and Museum of Fine Arts, students learn how to put together and install their own museum to showcase their visual projects. From determining the layout and design of their museum to serving as docents, Fourth Grade students create a true Texan experience through and through complete with a special Texas program for parents.

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Field Trips bring Texas history to life
ipads help aid Texas research and creativity
students learn how to install an exhibit
students showcase something native to Texas
everyone loves touring the 4th grade Texas Museum
A Texas program complete with song and dance