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Second Grade

Second Grade

finding your place

Building on the success of discovering just what they are capable of in First Grade, our Second Graders begin to spread their wings and discover the world around them.  They learn that their world stretches beyond their own backyards and even the school playground, and that they have a place in it. As mail from around the world is delivered to Presbyterian School, our students keep track of states, countries and continents. Expanding their horizons helps expand their minds and build their curiosity about the world around them. What place will they discover next?

On Exhibit: 2nd Grade Farm to Table Museum

Houston is home to one of the largest museum districts in the nation and PS is located right in the heart of it.  Our goal is to one day be featured as an official Museum of Learning in the Houston Museum District but until that happens, we will continue to create our own Presbyterian School Museums.  Each year every grade in the School determines a focus, completes research, learns from local experts, and then designs, creates, and installs their own grade level museum on campus. Are you curious about where our food comes from? Then you won’t want to miss Second Grade’s Farm to Table Museum.

Mosey on down to the Farm to Table Museum where Second Grade students present their knowledge of the ways natural resources are harvested, stored, processed, packaged, sold, and consumed. Students are learning about the local and global communities in which they live and their roles as citizens in those communities. By studying the process of how food goes from farm to table, students learn about managing natural resources and how individuals and businesses contribute to a community. Y’all come visit soon, ya hear?

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An urban farmer teaches students about life on the farm
Students learn from a local farmer's market
Students follow a product from farm to table
Students present research on a product
Handmade Models detail the farm to table process
a sampling of products is a feast for all