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Middle School

Middle School

where knowledge, character and leadership flourish

What if knowledge and character could flourish in a safe environment built on practical experience? What if educators unrelentingly assessed your adolescent as a work in progress, full of promise? What if measuring a parabolic curve was mastered by constructing a catapult rather than solving a test question? What if instead of just numbers and grades report cards described the intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual growth of each child? What if collaboration and experience served as the ultimate measurement of learning? What if the culmination of learning was a joyful celebration of music, dance, craftsmanship, and drama? Schedule a visit to experience the PS difference.


miles traveled on class trips

Outdoor education class trips are integral to building confident students. Each 6th, 7th and 8th grade trip fosters risk taking, team building, servant leadership, and spiritual growth. 


student to technology ratio

Every student has an iPad in Middle School. Students are using foundational apps and acquiring digital habits of learning to help manage, complete and submit their schoolwork online. 


student athletes

Collectively, our students compete across 34+ sports teams over the fall, winter and spring seasons.


hours per year in character formation

Time focused on activities centered around character formation is important in middle school. Every student has time dedicated to Bible, Ethics, Chapel and Advisory each week. 


student to teacher ratio

Our small classes are more "high-touch" ensuring that our culture of intimate challenge and confidence in every child characterizes each family's experience.

Class Trips

inspiring confidence in every child


great middle school stories begin here


be you, be brilliant

Early Childhood


What if play and imagination were the most valuable players in every school day? Experience learning in PK3, PK4 and Kindergarten with teachers who dream and children who delight in the boundless potential of each day. 

Lower School


What if your child learned and gained perseverance through problem solving? What if your child grew more independent and confident while doing so? Experience Confidence in every Child, 1st-5th grade.

Middle School


Relish the middle school experience at Presbyterian School where reflection, exploration, fortitude and celebration - and gracious adults - guide 6th-8th grade students toward great thinking and practical leadership.

Faith at Work


What if the fear of David facing Goliath for the first time came alive as you put on David's shoes? What if your childlike faith grew to move mountains? See the Spirit of God at work in acts of faith and kindness.

Fine Arts


What if your God-given gifts were mined, sending you forth with a greater knowledge of who you are meant to be? Work together with invested teachers and friends in a culture that honors and invites artistic pursuit.



What if physical training made me stronger spiritually, mentally and emotionally? Dare to join one of our 35 Presbyterian School sports teams and become a Panther who strives for the greatest rewards.