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Seventh Grade

Seventh Grade

the middle years

A seventh grade student at Presbyterian School engages in dynamic conversation with adults and classmates to achieve out-of-the-box thinking and personal growth. Specifically, learners in seventh grade consider through observation and analysis of how the differences of opinion and belief can create heterogeneous environments that may result in conflict. It is managing this conflict that we as individuals and as a society must address to create a healthy world. A unique approach towards this theme exists in the development of blended content areas, interweaving English, and history classes where applicable in order to share topics and explore ideas in greater depth and understanding. Teaching a novel, such as Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson, allows for us to focus on a historical perspective alongside a literary analysis of the content, providing students a healthy, global approach to their learning. A beautiful result of this process arises as students recognize more about themselves and how they are unique in the world around them - all for the sake of improving the immediate and global community.

About our Advisory Program

We prioritize intentional community building through a custom-built advisory system, assemblies, and school trips. In advisory, each student is assigned a faculty advisor who is their go-to adult in the building for both navigating triumphs and addressing challenges throughout the school year. This nurturing environment extends beyond individual advisories, as students and faculty come together bi-weekly for assemblies to reflect on core values, celebrate growth, and showcase talents. The advisory experience is enriched with lessons from our school counselor, focusing on navigating the complexities of the school year. Activities like community circles, festive door decorating competitions, and reflective exercises around conference times foster a deeper sense of community and personal development. Through these initiatives, we create a cohesive, supportive atmosphere where our goal is for every student to feel valued and connected.

Mo Ranch Class Trip

The mission of the Presbyterian School Outdoor Educational Program focuses on developing confidence in every child through intentional, active experiences beyond the classroom centered on age-appropriate challenges, personal reflection, and spiritual growth. In 7th grade, students spend four days and three nights at Mo-Ranch Assembly, a Presbyterian Camp in Hunt, TX. This trip is a full day longer than the 6th grade class trip and is meant to be an even greater stretch physically, intellectually, and spiritually. Students spend their time at Mo Ranch deepening their connection with each other and their teachers on some of the most challenging team-building challenges that Texas has to offer. Each challenge is followed by a reflection, assessment, and goal setting before beginning the next. While deepening their connection, they learn valuable lessons in group cooperation, communication, servant leadership, and responsibility. Downtime at Mo Ranch is spent swimming in the lake, playing outdoor games at the youth plaza, or just relaxing in one of the most serene surroundings that the Texas Hill County has to offer. We wrap up every night with chapel and small groups led by students with the assistance of the School chaplain. Our goal for these chapels and small groups is for students to reflect on their growth from 6th to 7th grade and imagine how God calls them to continue growing during the coming year. On this trip, we worship, reflect, challenge ourselves, and make goals for how to be even better when returning to campus.