The Presbyterian School Athletic program is a powerful and unique extension of our counter-cultural mission to unite Family, School, and Church in the education and support of each of our children. The School’s core mission is exemplified as our athletes aspire to a higher standard than winning within the crucible of athletic competition. We seek this higher standard to demonstrate the central components of our Christian faith, to glorify God, and to wield a positive influence for others to follow as we engage in competitive athletics.

At Presbyterian School, we believe our first obligation in athletics is to field teams that give their best effort not only on game day, but during practices and in the classroom as well. Simply put, God expects our best effort at all times and gives us this charge in Colossians 3:23: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart.” The most important aspect of competition is a consistent and relentless effort. Our coaches constantly tell our athletes that while we are often not in control of the outcome of game or a match or a race, we are absolutely in control of our input into those same activities. Our singular focus in athletics reflects the same growth mindset that we espouse in our classrooms and is elicited by these two simple questions: (1) Did I give my absolute best for my team today? (2) Am I getting better every time I lace up my shoes, my cleats, or my spikes? As a Panther, maximum effort and constant improvement make winning and losing irrelevant.

Second, we remember for whom we compete. First and foremost, our coaches emphasize the primary goal in our athletic competitions is to glorify God—not to seek gilded trophies, wear satin jackets, or bloat our egos. Next, we seek to represent our families through our effort both on and off the fields of play and in the positive examples we set on those fields. Third, we wear our school colors with great pride, embracing and embodying our motto each and every time we put on our uniforms: “As children of God at Presbyterian School, we respect ourselves, each other, and the environment.” Finally, we support and compete side by side with our peers, our friends, our teammates . . . seeking to embody the same sort of sacrifice exemplified by true servant leaders, selflessly supporting each other in how we practice and in how we play.

Finally, we see athletics at Presbyterian School as a powerful and tangible demonstration of our faith to others. In the crucible that constitutes athletic competition, it is easy to lose our way, lose control, and lose our influence. The young man or young woman who can withstand the temptation of becoming angry or frustrated becomes a testament to a higher standard of conduct. Cool, determined effort in the face of relentless competition is a perfect way to exemplify the Christian values we hold dear as an institution, and the student-athlete who gives his or her best and most within the framework of good sportsmanship is the best example of Christian faith in our culture.

Our theme at Presbyterian School is “Confidence in every Child.” Where better to see that confidence in action that on the fields, courts, courses, or tracks that showcase our talented, competitive, positive, and successful student athletes? We encourage you to explore athletics at PS—where we don’t just win, we compete . . . with confidence.

Presbyterian School competes against schools within the Houston Junior Prep Conference in addition to schools in the Greater Houston Athletic Conference (i.e. Awty International,St. Marks Episcopal, Trafton, etc.). Click here to view the Houston Junior Prep Conference, of which we are a member. Presbyterian School is also part of the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA).

For more information on the Athletic program and philosophy at Presbyterian School, contact Marty Durden, Director of Athletics, at (713) 620-6381

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