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We proudly tout our mission and say with equal pride that it is “countercultural” in the best sense of that word. Our mission, “Family, School, and Church united in the education and support of each Child,” has been essential to the ethos of this School since it was founded and will continue to describe what we do every day far into the future. It runs counter to a world climate in which the three institutions it mentions—the Family, the School, and the Church—have regularly and tragically failed to support or educate children for a very long time. At the heart of this mission is the core belief of trust—that is, there is an implicit trust that exists in the bond that unites us, and there is an explicit trust that exists in the aspiration that we can work together for the sake and advancement of our children. We believe in a climate and a culture rooted in trust. 

Evidence of our second core belief comes from one of the ten objectives of the School written, like the mission statement, at our founding: “To help children develop a positive sense of self-confidence, self-worth, and security so that they will be able to stand up for what they believe and take risks throughout their lives.” Risk is at the heart of education. If we are willing to let our children (and ourselves) stretch and push then, along the way, we will come to appreciate that, by accepting the challenges of going too far—to paraphrase T.S. Eliot—we discover how very far we can go. We believe in a climate and a culture that embraces and encourages taking developmentally appropriate risks.

Finally, our third core belief: earnestly striving for our personal best each and every time we encounter a task or a challenge or a struggle will produce more lasting results than trying to be the “best of the best” every time out. We believe that this commitment to “be our best” is supported by our theme line of Confidence in every Child and is exemplified poignantly in the philosophy statement on our Athletics page on the school website: “Our singular focus in athletics reflects the same growth mindset that we espouse in our classrooms and is elicited by these two simple questions: (1) Did I give my absolute best for my team today? (2) Am I getting better every time I lace up my shoes, my cleats, or my spikes? As a Panther, maximum effort and constant improvement make winning and losing irrelevant.” We believe in a climate and a culture that promotes each child’s personal best.

These core beliefs promote a school climate that we hope is preparing the child for the path rather than preparing the path for the child. “Helicopter” parents have given way to “lawnmower” parents in a culture that seeks to prevent hardship, adversity, or even mild discomfort from cluttering the paths our children tread toward adulthood. To be sure, the motivation behind preparing the path for the child is the sincere desire for parents to provide better lives for their children than the ones we had. However, if we are honest with ourselves by eliminating from our children’s lives any chance for failure, we simultaneously eliminate the chance to learn, grow, or assert the all-important autonomy we hope they achieve prior to having children of their own. By fostering a climate that is rooted in trust, that embraces risk, and that seeks personal best, we believe the partnership we have with parents will prepare their children very well for the many paths they will encounter in their lives.


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We look at our core values through a window because core values are a reflection of who we are and what we believe.  The foundation for our core values is built upon the simple objective of Reflecting God's Love.   Our six core values are Respect, Perseverance, Courage, Compassion, Integrity and Gratitude




An independent, co-ed day school for students 3 years old through 8th grade


We believe in a culture rooted in the partnership of Family, School and Church. Get to know us and you’ll catch our spirit.

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Striving for the optimum blend of education & faith, sport & art, work & play... we promote each child’s personal best.

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We are making room for the future. Presbyterian School is building a new Early Childhood and Lower School building as well as renovating the entire Middle School.

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