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Where are our graduates now?

Kaitlyn Kennedy (Class of 2007) - Journey Around the World

Dynamic teachers introduced Kaitlyn Kennedy to the world. Once inspired, she chose the road less traveled, fearlessly taking on the world, its people, places, and passions. “Each person has talents and passions to share. No matter what those may be, they can be used to benefit the community in some way. So get out there and see the world.”  Kaitlyn graduated from St. Agnes Academy and the University of Texas at Austin.  Click on the above link to read more.

Leo Linbeck (Class of 2008) - The View from the Top

Drawing on his creativity, Leo Linbeck has grown from comedian to craftsman. Walking in another person’s shoes has given him all the right perspectives. “Even when things seem impossible, keep at it! You’ll succeed if you put the work in.” Leo graduated from St. Thomas High School and Notre Dame University.

Hannah Kretzschmar (Class of 2007) - A Redesign for my Life 

It’s not always easy to make a change. Taking a leap of faith, Hannah Kretzschmar ventured out from the status quo and uncovered a whole new world waiting to be explored.  “Don’t be afraid to fail. Fail fast and fail hard - otherwise you’ll spend too much time on dead ends when you could’ve already discovered the solution.” Hannah graduated from St. Agnes Academy and Arizona State University.

Sam Clark (Class of 2012) - Out of my Comfort Zone

Whether it’s in academics, athletics, or service, Sam Clark has learned to persevere with grit and determination. In doing so, he reached his perfect score. “Once you’ve found something you’re really interested in, find ways to involve yourself in it and learn more about it. Be the best version of yourself.” Sam graduated from Strake Jesuit College Preparatory and is attending the University of Texas at Austin.

Kendyl Bree (Class of 2012) - Friendly Under Fire

Advancing with to own beat, Kendyl Bree, found a new passion after middle school. Lunging into unknown territory, she found new friends in the most unexpected way.  “Presbyterian School taught me the importance of a tight-knit community and how outside support can be hugely helpful in accomplishing a difficult goal.” Kendyl graduated from the Kinkaid School and is attending Duke University.


William Grubb (Class of 2005)

"I developed a strong interest in sports while at Presbyterian School. I spent countless afternoons playing Presby sports..."  William graduated from St. Thomas High School and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  He is currently working as a sports update anchor/reporter at Sports Radio 610 (CBS Radio) in Houston covering the Texans, Rockets, and Astros.


Elizabeth Rasmussen (Class of 2004)

"It amazes me how much I remember from my years at PS, and how big of an impact the teachers had on my life." Elizabeth graduated from St. John's School and Stanford University.  She is currently working for Teach for America at PAVE Academy, a charter school in Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York.  As an elementary school teacher now, she constantly refers back to her years at Presbyterian School.


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