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A Tool, Not A Title

by Janet Fox, Academic Dean
November 12, 2014


Frequently, we are asked, “Is Presbyterian School an iPad school?” If this is a question you've been seeking an answer to, read on! 

Yes, Presbyterian School has a one-to-one iPads for all students in fourth through eighth grades. 

Yes, Presbyterian School begins using iPads with three and four year old students. 

Yes, Presbyterian School middle school students learn time management and other life skills using calendar and productivity apps. 

Yes, Presbyterian School middle school students receive and submit homework and class assignments on their iPad. 

Yes, Presbyterian School students create and demonstrate learning using a variety of education, reference, productivity, photo & video apps. 

Yes, iPads have redefined and revolutionized learning at Presbyterian School, enabling students to do things in the classroom that were previously impossible.

Yes, the iPad is a tool that is used everyday at Presbyterian School by both faculty and students to provide opportunities for outstanding teaching and learning. On an average day there will be over 500 iPads in use on our campus.  Lower School students write and publish books on their iPads, Middle School students practice Spanish by conversing on their iPads with individuals in Buenos Aires, the School’s Life Science textbook is augmented on the iPad by a constantly updated compilation of leading edge research by a practicing scientist, and the list goes on and on. 

For Presbyterian School, the iPad is clearly a wonderful tool, not a title. So in answer to your original question, "Presbyterian School is not an iPad school."

We do not label ourselves as an iPad school because the iPad does not define us.  The iPad is not of primary importance to our school.  The most important defining element of our school is captured in our mission that calls us to integrate family, school and church in the education and support of each child.  We seek to define ourselves by the positive and primary relationships we establish and nurture between our students and teachers.  The wonder of the iPad only becomes significant when our skilled and caring teachers are actively engaged in the process of helping our students learn through guided classroom activities and discussions. We seek to be known as a school that lives out our core values of Respect, Perseverance, Courage, Compassion, Integrity, and Gratitude in our relationships with each other.

As technology advances and new developments arise with the iPad, we will continue to eagerly explore the many ways that iPads can enhance learning.  However, not all of the wonderful, innovative apps and tools will be utilized at our school.  The ones that will make their way into the iPad armamentarium at Presbyterian School will meet our unique criteria: they must enhance the process of teaching and learning first established by our faculty of exceptional educators.


Posted by Mrs. Andrea Lawless in Tech Applications for Education, PS: What's Our Response? on Thursday November, 13, 2014 at 09:09AM

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