Thank You to our Make Room for the Future Donors




$1 million & above

$25,000 to $49,999

The Brown Foundation, Inc.

Zane and Brady Carruth

First Presbyterian Church of Houston *

Lisa and Canon Coleman

Jane and Bill Joplin

Doreen and JP Fjeld-Hansen

Krissi and Taylor Reid

H. Fort Flowers Foundation, Inc.


Lissa and Farzanah Gangjee


Chris and Catherine Hanslik

The Cullen Foundation

Laura and Bob Higley

The Elkins Foundation

Rebecca and Tim Hunt

The Fondren Foundation

Michelle and Derek Jarrell

The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation

Patty and Neil Kallmeyer

Presbyterian School Family

Lea Aden and Michael Lueck

The Iris and Lloyd Webre Foundation / Iris and Nathan Allen

Katy and Sam Murray


Katherine and Jonathan Palmer


Waverly and Adam Peakes

Carruth Foundation, Inc.

Lisa Walters-Perdew and John Perdew

Kim and Rob Clark

Presbyterian School Family

Jonas and Andi Georgsson

Presbyterian School Family

Mrs. George R. Jordan

Presbyterian School Family

Vivian L. Smith Foundation

Presbyterian School Family

Lori and Julien Smythe

Kelli and Christopher Rhee

Dolores Cavatore and John Tobola

Max Seewann and Sheel Patel

Cathleen and Patrick Trask

Kerry and Eric Sandberg


James and Elizabeth Walsh


Josh and Kristin Weed

The Alonso and Renfroe Family


Laurel and Mark Carleton

Up to $24,999

Allison and Michael Casey

Claire and Eric Anyah

Jane and Chris Champion

Jim and Marta Birchfield

The de Compiegne-Wallace Foundation

Bebe Burns

Ryan and Amanda Dearborn

Kate and Keith Cooper

Marty and Andrew DeBusk

Allison and William Dickey

Michelle and Greg Elliott

Nora Dobin and Chris Wolfe

Julia Flowers

Joy and Dade Dowdle

Clint and Liz Freeland

Mrs. J. Erwin

Holly and Mike Garner

Fayez, Sarofim & Company

George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation

Stephanie and Ryan Fleck

Lindsay and Rand Holstead

Madeleine and Lawrence Hanrahan

The Hook Family Foundation

Hollyn Hanslik

Lauren and Brock Hudson

Julie and Victor Harris

Kevin and Hillary Jebbitt

Lori and Robert Hendricks

Don Langston and Hector Buitrago

William J. Hill

M. D. Anderson Foundation

Jill and Joe Karlgaard

Ellen and Nelson Mabry

Mary and Wally Knapp

Mr. and Mrs. James Edward Maloney

Judy Ligon

Jay and Suzanne Rippeto

Michele and Paul Marvin

Rochelle and Jerry Seade

Lisa and Brian McLemore

Elise Shatto

Kristi and Gary Moore

Camille and Jim Tichenor

Kathleen and David Nuzzo

Sarah and Duncan Underwood

Dale and Tamra Peterson

Melissa Thomas and Ajay Vargheese

Felix and Keisha Phillips

Ashlee and Andrew Veit

Presbyterian School Family

Mollie and Kent Wallace

Allen and Jenn Rustay

Jill and Jeff Young

Kathy and Chris Scruggs


Mirela and Patrick Scott Van Pelt


Lettie and Michael Vellano

Christie Cardon and Darryl Anderson

Gerry and Lou Waters

Kathy and Dorian Benn

Rick, Sherron and Marion Watkins

Mrs. Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr.

Jean and Bill Watson

Caroline and Sam Chase

Jan and Doug Whitehead

Catherine and Edward Crain

Stacie and Tim Williamson

Judy and Tom Farrell


Sharon and Carl Henry

Corporate Matching Gifts

Carter and Bill Lee

Chevron Corporation

Christy and Patrick Luquire

Freeport LNG Development, L.P.

Anna and John McKay

Piper Jaffray

Fredrik and Amanda Mack

Shell Oil Company Foundation

The Mullervy Family Foundation


Casandra and Clyde Moore


Presbyterian School Family


Bret and Judy Stanley


Alan and Claudia Stewart


Chandler and Michael Sulton


Lynda Underwood


Ben and Meghan Westcott


 Marilyn and Chris Winters




  *In Kind Donation


 (updated 4-9-18)


An independent, co-ed day school for students 3 years old through 8th grade


We believe in a culture rooted in the partnership of Family, School and Church. Get to know us and you’ll catch our spirit.

What we

Striving for the optimum blend of education & faith, sport & art, work & play... we promote each child’s personal best.

Join our

Whether you are a prospective student, parent, or teacher, we hope you’ll consider joining our community. 

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We seek sustainability in a world of shrinking resources and continual change. Your support can make a difference.


We are making room for the future. Presbyterian School is building a new Early Childhood and Lower School building as well as renovating the entire Middle School.

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