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Interview with a First Grader

I just completed the following questions submitted to me by a first grader from another school who is interviewing me for a project he's working on.  The questions, to me, are far more interesting than the answers . . .

1. Why do you work at a school ?  I work at a school because it’s the only place to work where I can be around smart, creative, and excited children all day long.  The best part about being a Headmaster is that I get to see children of all ages all during the school day.  (Sometimes, I even get to read my favorite books to them!)

2. Why do we need Headmasters?  Good question.  Headmasters get to think about BIG ideas and ask ESSENTIAL questions about those ideas.  Then, we get to challenge teachers and students to be the best that they can be ALL THE TIME.  It’s fun to ask someone a really hard question and watch them work through the answer on their own or with a group of others.  Taking part in this sort of learning process is very, very exciting.

3. Why do Headmasters have to be in charge?  Well, the easy answer to this question is that someone always has to be in charge, right?  The more complicated answer is that teachers have so much to do with helping students learn and be the best they can be that they shouldn't have to worry about anything else.  That’s really what Headmasters are for: we worry about all the things that teachers don’t have time to worry about.

4. Why do Headmasters get to yell on the speaker?  Unfortunately, I have never been the Headmaster at a school that had a speaker system.  But if I did, I would announce that every Friday was “I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream” Day!

5. What is your uniform and why do Headmasters have uniforms?  The uniform if the Headmaster is a man (nice shirt, nice slacks, dark socks, and a tie . . . sometimes a jacket) is part of the “Headmaster Handbook” that we all have to read and memorize before we can take the job.  Some other rules in the Handbook include: knowing how to read and reading to students when they don’t expect it; shaking hands at the beginning and ending of the day; telling funny stories; giving and getting hugs and high fives in the hallways; and having candy in your office.

Posted by Dr. Mark Carleton in 2013-14 on Wednesday January, 22, 2014 at 12:17PM


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