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Welcome to the PS alumni blog! From academic achievements to world travels, we will be posting what our alumni are doing.  Please email your alumni news and updates to Ryan Hertlein, Alumni Coordinator and Assistant Director of Admission. Check back to find out about upcoming alumni events.

PS Alum Assists on Amazing Astros Season!

This past summer Brooke Jenkins ('11) had the opportunity to intern for the Houston Astros. During her internship she served in the Retail and Merchandise Department, and she got to learn and experience first hand everything that happens on this side of the business. From running the ten team stores in the stadium, to sitting in on meetings about buying new merchandise, helping unload merchandise in the warehouse and everything in between.

Brooke had the privilege to work on several projects throughout the summer. She was able to work with the Authentication team and work on a project for that part of our department. She was also able to help with a Spring Training Review, a Retail Marketing Investment Fund and Budget project, and was able to help create the Organization's Newsletter over the summer.

Since the end of her internship in August, due to school, Brooke kept in close touch with her department and the organization. During the team's post-season run she was asked to come back and help as the team hosted three home World Series Games. This was such an incredible honor to be asked to come help work these games. Brooke had the time of her life working for the team, she grew up supporting, in the World Series. It has been the experience of a lifetime and she was so thankful to The Houston Astros for the opportunities they gave her. What a team, what an organization and what a season!

Way to go, Brooke!

Posted by Mr. Ryan Hertlein in Class of 2011, In the Community on Wednesday November 29, 2017 at 11:37AM
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Taylor Miller opens jewelry company, Hazen LLC

Taylor Miller (Class of ’07) currently a senior marketing major at SMU, plans to graduate early in order to focus full time on her jewelry company, Hazen LLC.  Miller was 9 years old and in third grade at Presbyterian School when she started designing jewelry; 12 years old when she first went to market and now ten plus years later, she has managed to make Hazen a thriving and profitable company.  Miller credits her marketing courses for helping grow her company.  Her professor noted her ability to “successfully run a company with a clear vision while maintaining an excellent academic record.” Miller is currently focused on the first steps of implementing her 5 year business plan.  We look forward to watching Hazen, LLC continue to grow!  Check out her website at

Posted by in Class of 2007, In the Community on Friday January 9, 2015
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Suman Atluri's non-profit work with Swasthya

Suman Alturi (Class of ’12) and Aubrey Calaway (Class of ’12) have recently teamed up to work on a non-profit organization, Swasthya, which was founded by Alturi in 2013. Swasthya helps at-risk youth in India understand the importance of living a healthy life.  Check out their website at  Who better to partner with in philanthropic work than a fellow PS alumnus! We look forward to watching this organization grow.  Keep up the great work!

Posted by in Around the World, Class of 2012, In the Community on Wednesday October 1, 2014
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PS Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Christou, Christmas carols with alumni families

A longtime PS teacher, Ms. Christou, Christmas carols every year on Christmas Eve with the Luther and Tamlyn Family at BellAire Gardens.

Posted by in In the Community on Wednesday January 8, 2014
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Eva Schneller lives out her passion

Eva Schneller, PS Class of 2013 alumni and daughter of PS nurse Colleen Kimball, was recently hired at Murder By the Book, a local family-run bookstore. She will be taking inventory on incoming books and was asked to compose the write-ups for new arrivals. She will also assist in hosting author visits and book signings. Eva is a freshman at HSPVA for Creative Writing. Eva is a great example for other PS students. She developed a strong passion for writing and books and lives that out at work and school. 

Posted by in In the Community, Class of 2013 on Friday October 25, 2013 at 10:28AM
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Elizabeth Copper sets an example for PS kindergartners

Elizabeth Copper, PS Class of 2011, is a Certified Puppy Raiser for Southeastern Guide Dogs. Her puppy, Captain, is essentially a 24 hour 7 days a week companion to Elizabeth and her mom, who shares the responsibility as Captain's puppy raiser. They teach Captain basic obedience (40 commands) and socialization so that he is prepared for formal harness training at 16 months of age. Socialization includes planning daily outings to expose Captain to various experiences and to replicate life as a guide dog. During the outings, they work on obedience, familiarity with various settings, interaction with other people, and answering questions about guide dogs and the visually impaired. At home, they work on good house manners and basic obedience during daily training sessions. This will also be Elizabeth's Girl Scout Gold Award project, which she anticipates to complete in June 2014. 

In addition, Elizabeth prepares and gives community presentations to raise awareness of the need for and availability of guide dogs for the visually impaired. Elizabeth and Captain recently visited Presbyterian School's Kindergarten classes! They were the first special guests and presentation for the kindergartners this year. Mrs. Christou, PS Kindergarten teacher, remarks on Elizabeth's presentation. "Watching Elizabeth put Captain through his drills was a great learning experience and a real treat. As Elizabeth's kindergarten teacher it was a time of great pride for me. Just to see the young lady she has grown to be and her care for this dog was amazing. But also to see the core values of respect, perseverance and compassion she exhibits to our community is so valuable. Elizabeth's dedication and focus in training Captain truly represents the Presbyterian School spirit."

We are thankful to have such wonderful alumni like Elizabeth, who come back to PS to show their teachers what they have acheived and how they have grown. "My kindergartners always enjoy the visits the alumni make and the insightful advice they give. We look forward to more visits from our alumni who set such positive examples for our students," said Mrs. Christou. 

Posted by in Class of 2011, In the Community on Tuesday September 10, 2013
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