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PS Alum Creates Customization Apps for Aston Martin

Jackson Williams was recently hired to make customization apps for Aston Martin, a British luxury sports car company. He is a junior at Episcopal High School, but found is affinity for app creation and coding during his time at Presbyterian School. He started to teach himself to program when he was around twelve, in the 6th grade at PS. At first, he made games and simple websites and he would read programming books after school and on class trips to learn how to better his skills. His favorite project from PS was the eighth-grade science fair, where he made a game website that younger kids could play. The interest from the younger kids made him feel so accomplished and that he had made a website that others enjoyed so much. This fueled a fire to create more.

When his first game app, Fast Feathers, was put on the app store, He was extremely happy to see everyone download it. The amount of support from friends and family really gave him a huge amount of confidence in his programming ability. He made three major game apps through the end of middle school and the first two years of high school. During the summer of his freshman going into sophomore year, he was asked by a friend's dad to make a utility app for their life insurance company. The app was finished around a year later, with lots of learning taking place of how to work with a business. He still works on the app to this day making modifications and updates. The life insurance app, he believes, really prepared him to work for Aston Martin. The job gave him the experience of making a utility app and how to work in a business environment with a large number of people.

Speaking of Aston Martin, the customization app, Jackson created, allows customers to customize an Aston Martin inside the dealership on an iPad, with the help of the sales people answering questions. Once they are finished customizing their car, the app has a print button that air prints all the information to a printer for the dealership and customer to keep. The salesmen and women also use the app to see if certain customizations are possible for customers, as some are not compatible with other customizations (ex. you cannot choose the Contemporary Pack and the Contemporary & Luxury Pack).

So far, he has completed an app for one model, the DB11. He will continue to make bug fixes and tweak the app to improve it, and they are already discussing making a second app as well. Jackson has worked at the dealership for about two months and he is living his dream, as he has always loved cars, specifically sports and luxury cars. 

Jackson credits Presbyterian School as the foundation of where he started to program, and he is grateful he was in an environment where his skills were appreciated and encouraged.

Posted by Mr. Ryan Hertlein in Class of 2015 on Monday December 11, 2017 at 01:01PM
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