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Elizabeth Copper sets an example for PS kindergartners

Elizabeth Copper, PS Class of 2011, is a Certified Puppy Raiser for Southeastern Guide Dogs. Her puppy, Captain, is essentially a 24 hour 7 days a week companion to Elizabeth and her mom, who shares the responsibility as Captain's puppy raiser. They teach Captain basic obedience (40 commands) and socialization so that he is prepared for formal harness training at 16 months of age. Socialization includes planning daily outings to expose Captain to various experiences and to replicate life as a guide dog. During the outings, they work on obedience, familiarity with various settings, interaction with other people, and answering questions about guide dogs and the visually impaired. At home, they work on good house manners and basic obedience during daily training sessions. This will also be Elizabeth's Girl Scout Gold Award project, which she anticipates to complete in June 2014. 

In addition, Elizabeth prepares and gives community presentations to raise awareness of the need for and availability of guide dogs for the visually impaired. Elizabeth and Captain recently visited Presbyterian School's Kindergarten classes! They were the first special guests and presentation for the kindergartners this year. Mrs. Christou, PS Kindergarten teacher, remarks on Elizabeth's presentation. "Watching Elizabeth put Captain through his drills was a great learning experience and a real treat. As Elizabeth's kindergarten teacher it was a time of great pride for me. Just to see the young lady she has grown to be and her care for this dog was amazing. But also to see the core values of respect, perseverance and compassion she exhibits to our community is so valuable. Elizabeth's dedication and focus in training Captain truly represents the Presbyterian School spirit."

We are thankful to have such wonderful alumni like Elizabeth, who come back to PS to show their teachers what they have acheived and how they have grown. "My kindergartners always enjoy the visits the alumni make and the insightful advice they give. We look forward to more visits from our alumni who set such positive examples for our students," said Mrs. Christou. 

Posted by in Class of 2011, In the Community on Tuesday September, 10, 2013


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