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Our Parents

one of our best partners

What if you were a part of your child’s favorite memory at Presbyterian School?  What if manning the school office desk gave you time to get to know teachers and students? What if you could receive valuable parenting advice from experts? What if volunteering introduced you to lifelong friends or even a new hobby? What if you continued learning alongside your children? What if ALL parents found ways large and small to share their time and talents? Imagine what can happen when time and gifts are pooled together, ideas are shared and extended back out to the community.


volunteer committees

There are an array of volunteer committees that parents can join to help the School and we challenge the School's entire parent population to volunteer for least one Volunteer Council sponsored activity a year.


volunteer office desk coverage hours

Parent volunteers are essential to the success of the School. From behind the scenes work to giving a hand in the trenches to cheering on the sidelines, our parent are making a difference.


special events 

Parent volunteers help plan and execute 16 annual special events for students to enjoy during the school year including Christmas Workshop, Rodeo Day, Book Fair, Field Day, Play Day and more! 


parents at the school

Family is the first word in the School's mission statement and we take seriously the partnership between Family, School and Church to provide an outstanding education and support to each child. 


students and faculty served         

Parents have the privilege of serving and impacting nearly 700 students and faculty at the School through yearlong volunteer opportunities.