SchoolPass and Carpool

What will SchoolPass be used for?

SchoolPass is coordinating arrival and dismissal processes for each student. Please familiarize yourself with the SchoolPass App so you can do each of the following items on the SchoolPass App:

  • COVID-19 Wellness Screening

  • Update Drivers Authorized for Pick-up
  • Manage Carpool (if student is going home with another family)
  • Notify Late Arrival
  • Notify Early Pick-up

SchoolPass Parent How-To Guide

What do I need to do every day on SchoolPass?

Check-in and complete your child's wellness status on SchoolPass every day before you leave home. If your child fails the wellness check on SchoolPass, please keep your child at home. If you enter carpool without completing the wellness check in SchoolPass, you will be diverted to the North Parking Lot to do a health screening at the PS Tent. 

Complete SchoolPass before you leave home every day in the morning.

Display your family's PS Carpool Tag on the front passenger visor.

Drop-off and pick-up at YOUR child's designated carpool route.

Arrival & Dismissal

Early Childhood & Lower School: 7:45 - 8:15 a.m.
Middle School: 7:30 - 7:55 a.m.

Families with ONLY EC Students: 2:45 p.m.      
Families with EC AND/OR LS Students: 3:15 p.m.
Middle School Students: 3:15 p.m.

Carpool Instructions

We have modified arrival and dismissal procedures to eliminate large, dense gatherings of adults and students in different cohorts. Please note the following:

  1. Early Childhood, Lower and Middle School will utilize carpool for arrival and dismissal. Parents/caregivers must drop-off and pick-up their child(ren) from vehicles. 
  2. Families with children in both Founders Hall and Middle School may drop off ALL children in either the Founders Hall carpool line or the Palm Court carpool line in the morning. Only Founders Hall and Palm Court morning carpool may be combined into one drop-off. If you have a Kindergarten child, you must still use the Welcome Center carpool to drop-off your Kindergarten child. 

  3. Children crossing the street should use the crosswalk next to the playground. HPD officers and faculty will assist children safely across the street.

  4. The SchoolPass wellness screen for all your children will be checked at whichever carpool route you enter in the morning. Parents may show the SchoolPass All Clear green button to expedite morning carpool. 
  5. Parents/caregivers must display their family PS Carpool Tag on the passenger front visor at all times while in carpool line.
  6. Students should exit and enter a vehicle in carpool on the passenger side of the vehicle (i.e., the side closest to the School building).
  7. Students will go directly to their homeroom/advisory classroom upon arrival in the morning.
  8. In the afternoon, students will be dimissed from their classroom when their parent/caretaker has pulled into the carpool line. 
  9. If your child is going home with another carpool, please designate this in the SchoolPass app before 2 p.m. each day.  Once you have moved your child into another carpool in SchoolPass, he/she will be automatically called down for dismissal when that carpool enters the carpool line.

Late Arrival or Early Pick-up

Parents dropping off a child late or picking up a child early should do the following:

  • Open SchoolPass and mark a late arrival or early pick-up for your child. All early pick-up must be completed prior to 2:30 p.m. 
  • Early Childhood and Lower School Parents (including Kindergarten) should pull up to Founders Hall and ring the front doorbell to speak to the Receptionist. The Receptionist will receive your child in the morning after verifying a wellness check has been complete and/or call your child to be dismissed to you.  
  • Middle School parents should pull up to Palm Court and walk through the FPC youth room to the MS entrance off of Barkdull Street. Please ring the doorbell and the MS Office Manager will receive your child in the morning after verifying a wellness check has been complete and/or call your child to be dismissed to you. 

Morning Walk-Up Option

Live close to the School? Want to skip the carpool lines? Parents may now walk-up their children to the School building for morning drop-off. Please keep in mind the following when utilizing walk-up in the morning:

  • An adult must walk-up to the School building with a student. Please do not send students to the building unaccompanied by an adult.
  • Adults and students walking up to Founders Hall should line up at the side door next to the receptionist desk on the socially distanced paw stickers and wait to be screened by a faculty member. Walk-up for Kindergarten will be screened at the main Welcome Center entrance. Walk-up for Middle School will be screened at the main Palm Court entrance. Adults must show their SchoolPass Wellness green "All-Clear" before students are admitted into the building.
  • Parents may park in the North Parking Lot off of Main Street or the MFAH Parking Garage off of Montrose Blvd. The "back" entrance to the North Parking Lot is open every morning and parents can use that entrance to enter the North Parking Lot to avoid the queue of cars for Founders Hall carpool. Please note, parking in the MFAH Parking Garage is free for only the first 30 minutes. 
  • Parents are still not allowed inside the building. Please do not cut through the inside of First Presbyterian Church to go between Founders Hall to Welcome Center. Parent should remain outside of campus buildings.

We are currently still working on a plan to make walk-up available in the afternoon. Stay tuned for more information to come about the process for afternoon walk-up.

Founders Hall Carpool

Cars must enter carpool line off of Main Street and exit via Pinedale and Portland Streets. Please do not use Travis Street when entering or leaving carpool. 


Kindergarten Carpool

Cars must enter carpool line off of Main Street and exit turning right on Main Street. 


Middle School Carpool

Cars must enter carpool line off of Montrose Blvd. and exit via Oakdale Street. Please do not turn left on Travis Street when leaving carpool.