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SnaPShot of the Week

Parent Volunteers Making a Difference

What if you could be part of your child’s favorite memory at Presbyterian School? Or what if volunteering introduced you to lifelong friends or even a new hobby? There is such a great feeling of partnership and support when faculty and staff get to see our parent volunteers on campus. Our parent volunteer groups pool together and share their gifts and talents offering meaningful experiences for students and the school community at large. “For me, volunteering is a great way to give back to the school and community that I feel has done so much for my children and our family.” said Liz Walsh, President of the Parent Volunteer Council Board. “We have felt embraced by the Presbyterian community since J.D. (‘27) first started PK3 in 2016, and I am happy for any opportunity to help support the school and its mission.” 

“Presbyterian School has a strong tradition of parent involvement and it is the commitment of so many wonderful volunteers that plays a vital role in the life of each student.” said Mimi Traylor, Director of Annual Fund and Volunteers. “More specifically, the Volunteer Council plans a variety of fun activities for our students including EC Play Day, Field Day, Christmas Workshop, and EC Rodeo Day.  The Volunteer Council also supports our faculty, staff and school through events like Faculty Appreciation, Desk Coverage, and Learning Commons Assistance. Furthermore, our volunteers assist the School with yearly events such as Hearing & Vision Screening and School Pictures, not to mention our Servant Hearts Guild who pray for families in need.” What all these events have in common is that none of them can take place without parent support.  Parent volunteers are essential to the success of each and every function or service the Volunteer Council organizes or provides. Our parent volunteers are responsible for keeping the mission of the School alive and thriving. When invested productively in programs and activities, parent volunteers add energy and fresh dimensions to students’ learning experiences and contribute to the strengthening of parent/teacher partnerships and school community. It takes a village and parents are a vital part of that equation at all grade levels. 

If you're considering volunteering, ask yourself a few questions before taking the plunge. First, think about which causes you're passionate about – that means you're more likely to enjoy and stay committed. PS Parent and Servant Hearts Co-Chair, Mariella Self (Will ‘22), shares how she came around to the idea of fitting something else into her already jam-packed schedule. “For me, this is a values-based decision. In my opinion, it is very tempting for all of us to defer giving of our time and money, awaiting some anticipated future stage of life when we envision we will feel we have "extra" of these things. I think life is almost always busy, albeit in different ways, and expenses usually expand to meet income; the sense of "extra" is elusive and often doesn't come, even as the stages we thought of as the source of our limitations pass. To me, it is important to choose to give the resources of time and money away, trusting in God's provision and choosing to operate as one who has ‘enough’.” 

If you're still looking for an opportunity to plug in and get involved with the School, email Mimi Traylor, Director of Annual Fund and Parent Volunteers or Kendall McCord, Director of Special Events and Alumni. From special events to the gala, there are many opportunities to help support the School and facilitate pawsome events and experiences for students. All parents are invited to be part of the School's Parent Volunteer Council. We love our parent volunteers and we wouldn’t be the same place without you!


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Pre-K Airlines: Cultivating Curiosity and Cultural Connection Through Immersive Learning

In the fall of 2009, PK4 teacher, Lindsay Renken, sat down with colleague, Leanne Gotcher, with a simple idea of incorporating travel into the curriculum spurred on by her personal experiences in travel. This was the beginning of Pre-K Airlines. The curriculum now encompasses multiple countries that change year to year based on students' interests and the freedom teachers have to design a unique curriculum.

PS Farm to Table Draws Students into the Community

Second grade students have spent the year learning the process of how food goes from farm to table. As a culmination of what they have learned, they presented their commercials and projects to fellow students and families at their Farm to Table Museum. 

Encounters with the Natural World is a Must See Art Exhibit

4th grade students work with Glassell School of Art staff on the installation of the Middle School Encounters with the Natural World exhibit. The artwork will be on display March 2-24 and spans two stories in the Glassell School of Art building. Read more about this incredible collaboration.

MS Day of Service Models Kindness through Compassion

Since the founding of our Middle School, the Middle School Day of Service has been an important part of the curriculum. Chaplain Brenton Smith shares, “this important practice of time set aside to actively love our city is foundational to the PS middle school faith programming.” At Presbyterian School, our goal is for every student to be involved with service to our community. 

Growing Faith through Artistry

PS Director of Communications, Andrea Lawless, is gifting the world by teaching others how they can grow their faith through her incredible artistic ability and love for crafting. Read more about how Andrea is doing God’s work through art.

5th Grade Students Host an Environmental Summit Museum

5th grade students hosted an Environmental Summit Museum this week for parents and students to learn more about our human impact on the Earth. Students researched and shared about how humans contribute to light, ocean and air pollution, habitat loss, invasive species, beach erosion, flooding and overfishing. The Environmental Summit Museum is the capstone grade level exhibition for 5th grade.

PS Families Make a Difference Through Book Donations

Nehemiah Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 students were the guests of honor at the PS Book Fair Wednesday. Students were able to browse through and take home books that were donated by PS families this week during the Book Drive.

PS Pop Up King Cakes Proofed to be Amazing!

PS Faculty and Staff participated in making king cakes this week at a PS Pop Up Cooking Class taught by second grade teacher Patricia Tamminga. These delicious traditional pastries were made with a little bit of cinnamon, a little bit of icing, and a whole lot of love and laughter.

Students Shine with Mock Trial at the Courthouse

8th grade students were excited to participate in a recent presentation of their mock trial case in a courtroom at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center. Students swapped out their PS uniforms for dress suits and ties Wednesday as they took their murder trial before the judge, a jury, and a galley of excited parents. 

PS Mom Creates Non-Profit to Help Down Syndrome Families

PS mom, Karmel Garcia (Augie ‘30) was given a Down Syndrome diagnosis for her daughter, Zoe, at her 20 week ultrasound At the time, the diagnosis felt unbearably heavy and she wasn’t sure what it meant for her family and for Zoe’s future. Two weeks later, she was told that Zoe would need heart surgery within the first few months of her life. What Karmel didn’t know is that this terrifying experience would lead her to creating a non-profit that is modeling kindness and cultivating compassion by helping others with Down Syndrome.

Brigette O'Brian's Talents are Reaching Stages Worldwide

Middle School Performing Arts Teacher, Brigette O’Brian’s passion for dancing has led her into the professional world of choreography. Not only is she teaching PS students during the day, but she’s choreographing dances at multiple pageants and most recently, has spent some time on Broadway. 

Project Flourish Supports PS Faculty Non-Profits

In May of 2017, First Presbyterian Church unveiled a financial incentive to entrepreneurs who were looking to transform and renew the Houston community. Project Flourish was born as a shark-tank type model where $250,000 seed money was up for grabs. PS Art teacher, Terry Flores, and Head of Middle School, Brandon Walker, are proud recipients of Project Flourish funding for the development of their non-profit organizations, ArtPark Studios and The Summer Institute.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Dance

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, PS will host the performers Undebel Flamenco at special assemblies in Fellowship Hall on Friday. An art form originally from Spain but which has captured the imagination of people around the world, flamenco has been described as “magical and curious,” but it has a complicated history.

PS Faculty and Staff Bring the Spirit to College Colors Day

Ahh, College Colors Day is when we show our school spirit and welcome back the collegiate fandom, and kickoff of college football’s opening weekend. PS faculty and staff dusted off their old collegiate apparel to celebrate College Colors Day with a spirit that only PS can bring. 

Rising to the Occasion with the Eighth Grade Class Trip

For many of us, strapping a 35 lb backpack, lacing up some hiking boots, and hitting the trails of Colorado for a couple of days isn’t an item on our bucket list of things to do. However, for our 8th grade students, this is an important milestone in their middle school experience. Getting outside of their comfort zone and persevering through a challenging and new experience has taught our students that the journey is so much more than the physicality of the endeavor. 

Parent Volunteers Making a Difference

Imagine what can happen when time and gifts are pooled together, shared and extended back out to the community. Every day, our parent volunteers share their time and talents to create an incredible learning environment for students.