Annual Fund

Annual Fund supports the current year operating budget providing direct resources to the general operating budget funding teacher's salaries, and other essential needs.

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Capital Campaign

The Make Room for the Future Campaign will build a new Early Childhood and Lower School building and renovate the Middle School.

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Corporate Sponsorship 

Corporate Sponsorship supports the current year operating budget by enhancing academic, art, athletic and extracurricular programs. 

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Meaning literally "the love of humanity,"
philanthropy at PS is an important extension of the love
we try to show our families and our children every day.

Ashlea Taylor, Head of Philanthropy

$1.2 M

average yearly dollars raised

Great independent schools are built through great philanthropy. From annual fund donations to event fundraising to campaign gifts to honorariums, every dollar raised helps the School achieve its mission.


current corporate sponsorship total

Corporate sponsorships raise significant funds for the School’s operating budget not covered by tuition or the Annual Fund. They also provide avenue for corporations and/or family businesses to be involved in philanthropy at Presbyterian School.


annual fund trustee participation

Gifts to the Annual Fund provide direct resources that support the School's general operating budget which funds our teacher's salaries, their professional development and other essential needs of the School. 


employers who will match gifts

Many employers participate in Matching Gifts Programs. Presbyterian School is a grateful recipient of matching financial gifts each year from corporations who generously give back to the community. 


leadership council donors

Leadership Council donors give gifts of $5,000 or more within a school year to the School. Their ongoing, sacrificial gifts provide many opportunities for our students to grow. 

meet Paul Marvin

Drew, Class of '17
Amelia, Class of '19

Our family has been blessed in countless ways, including both finding PS and having the means to have our two children attend school here.  One simple way we show our gratitude is by giving back.

In July of 2017, I was enjoying a sabbatical from work after thirty years of grind in the workforce when Mother Nature introduced the city to Hurricane Harvey and life for many was turned on end. One change for me commenced at 10:30 a.m. on the morning of September 5, 2017. We were relayed the news that the flood damage to 7th grade teacher, Kathy Webb’s home was serious enough that she wouldn’t be returning to teach for six to eight weeks. I was asked to consider filling in as the 7th grade History substitute until Kathy’s return. I was well aware of the fact the School already knew me from several years both as a parent and volunteer coach for the track and cross country teams; but they were certainly going out on a limb thinking I could fill any Presbyterian teacher’s shoes.

Sitting at the table, I convinced myself that I could study the material in advance and I also remembered how I enjoyed teaching new hires at Price Waterhouse years ago. A few prayers later the answer became obvious. How could I say “no” to the School?  They had been so good for our family over the past several years, were in a time of need and here I was on sabbatical - the stars could not have been more aligned.

Almost immediately my eyes were opened to life at Presbyterian School “behind the curtain.” I had no idea how tirelessly the entire teaching crew goes above and beyond to not only diligently perform their classroom duties; but also to work seamlessly in supporting individuals requiring a little extra attention.

Over the remainder of the first quarter, I tried to learn seventy new names and more importantly understand seventy personalities. You see as a teacher you simply can’t get up in front of the room and teach the same to all of them. The subject matter may be consistent; but every child is different. They respond differently. They act differently. There are some you need to work hard and find creative ways to get them involved in the conversation. Others need to be gently convinced to reign in their excitement.

During my weeks teaching I certainly found a deep respect for teachers, the important roles they play and yes what they earn. There is no question in my mind that I am a better person for being allowed to participate, if only for a short time, as a teacher at Presbyterian School. Years from now I hope some of the students remember that much of our government came from the Ancient Roman Republic and perhaps they remember a little about the Punic Wars. But I also hope they are a little better, and more confident, at giving presentations because of what I taught them in the classroom. And with any luck one or two of them will look back and remember a bond they formed with their substitute history teacher in seventh grade. Our children truly are the future of this world we live in.

Our children truly are the future of this world we live in.

Paul Marvin, Parent

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