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Philanthropic Opportunities

Great independent schools are built through great philanthropy. From the donation of financial resources to our Annual Fund, Carnival, or Capital Campaign to the equally vital donation of volunteer hours and expertise, our parents, grandparents, faculty, trustees, alumni, and friends of the School share an equal measure of responsibility for making us the school we are today and for setting us up to become an even better and more exciting place for the future. It goes without saying that we simply would not be who or where we are without your incredible generosity.

meet the Georgssons

Zack, Class of ’15
Will, Class of ’16
Max, Class of ’21 

We have been truly amazed at the wonderful education of heart, mind, and body that our boys have experienced at PS. There is just no comparison to the excellence in teaching, curriculum, and character-building. We have seen the difference the School has made in our family. That’s why we welcomed the opportunity in 2015 to co-chair the effort to raise money for a new early childhood and lower school building and middle school remodel. And while Capital Giving is vitally important for the completion of those projects, the School relies on Annual Giving to fund the operating budget each year. We give to both because we know that it takes both to ensure that, as the years go by, PS will be a school we can proudly point to and say, “That is where my kids went!”

Our boys have experienced an education of heart, mind and body.

Andi Georgsson, Parent

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