Ways to Give

Philanthropic Opportunities

Great independent schools are built through great philanthropy. From the donation of financial resources to our Annual Fund, Carnival, or Capital Campaign to the equally vital donation of volunteer hours and expertise, our parents, grandparents, faculty, trustees, alumni, and friends of the School share an equal measure of responsibility for making us the school we are today and for setting us up to become an even better and more exciting place for the future. It goes without saying that we simply would not be who or where we are without your incredible generosity.

Annual Fund

Gifts to the Annual Fund provide direct resources that support Presbyterian School's general operating budget which funds teacher's salaries, professional development, and other essential needs of the School. 

Time Frame
The Annual Fund is an annual giving opportunity that kicks off in August and runs through June every school year. 

Designation Areas 
Annual Fund gifts are unrestricted. They are used during the year received to support the current operating budget. 

Methods of Giving 
Annual Fund gifts may be made by cash, check, credit card, or stock transfer payable by June 30. 

The Annual Fund, in conjunction with event fundraising, helps to make up the difference between tuition and the actual cost of educating a student at Presbyterian School each year. 

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Like the Annual fund, the Gala contributes directly to PS’s annual operating budget and takes place every other school year.

Time Frame
The Carnival takes place every other year. The upcoming Gala will be held on February 29, 2020 at Hotel ZaZa. 

Designation Areas
Gala gifts are unrestricted. They are used during the year received to support the current operating budget and special projects. 

Methods of Giving
Financial support of the Gala can be made through cash, check, credit card, or stock transfer. 

The Gala supports the School's current operating budget and helps to make special projects possible.

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Capital Campaign

Make Room for the Future is Presbyterian School’s current capital campaign to build a new Early Childhood and Lower School building and renovate the Middle School. Capital gifts may be used only for the designated purpose approved by the School.

Time Frame
In 2015, the major gifts phase of the Make Room for the Future campaign began and in the fall of 2018, the community phase of the campaign will kick-off.

Designation Areas
Capital campaign gifts will go directly towards a new Early Childhood and Lower School building and renovations for the Middle School.

Methods of Giving
Gifts may be made by cash, check, credit card, or stock transfer over five years.

Presbyterian School’s campus will forever be changed by the sacrificial gifts given to the Capital Campaign.

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Honoraria & Memorials

Gifts made to honor or recognize friends, family members or teachers.

Time Frame
Honorariums and memorials and are accepted year-round.

Designation Areas
Honorariums and memorials can be unrestricted or designated to any existing fund.

Methods of Giving
Gifts may be made by cash, check, credit card, or stock transfer.

Honorariums and memorials commemorate and celebrate the relationship individuals have with Presbyterian School while also enhancing the educational experience of our students.

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Grandpanther Club

The Grandpanther Club provides a way for grandparents and special friends to support Presbyterian School through a financial gift
of any amount. All donors who join the Grandpanther Club will receive a sticker and be recognized at a Headmaster’s Reception on Grandparents Day.

Time Frame
The Grandpanther Club kicks off in August and runs through the end of June every year.

Designation Areas
Grandparents and special friends can give to the Annual Fund, Capital Campaign, Carnival, Gala or make an Honorarium/ Memorial gift to be a part of the Grandpanther Club.

Methods of Giving
Gifts may be made by cash, check, credit card, or stock transfer to any fund.

The support of grandparents and special friends is vital to reaching the overall fundraising goals of Presbyterian School each year.

Matching Gifts

Many employers participate in Matching Gift Programs. Matching financial gifts are received each year from corporations who generously give back to the community.

Time Frame
Matching gifts are accepted year-round.

Designation Areas
Matching gifts fund various needs of the School ranging from athletics to the library to the Financial Aid Fund.

Methods of Giving
If your business does participate in a matching gifts program, instructions will be given online to fill out your employers matching gift form.

You could double or even triple the amount of your donation if your employer provides matching gifts. Many employers match dollar for dollar the charitable gifts their employees make – so your $100 contribution can easily turn into a $200 or even $300 gift to Presbyterian School with a match from your company.

See if your employer will match your donation!

Stock Gifts

If you would like to make a gift of stock to Presbyterian School, please contact:

Northern Trust Company
Harborside Financial Center, Plaza 10
3 Second Street, Suite 1401
Jersey City, NJ 07311-3988

For the Account of:
Texas Presbyterian Foundation
Account #26-10466
Northern Trust Depository Trust Company Account #2669
For further benefit of Presbyterian School 

Texas Presbyterian Foundation contacts:
John C. Furlow, Jr., 800-955-3155214-522-3155john.furlow@tpf.org
Jennifer Frano, 800-955-3155214-522-3155jennifer.frano@tpf.org

Please let us know of your gift of stock by contacting the Presbyterian School Institutional Philanthropy Office.
Katelyn Ellis, Coordinator of Donor Services

Loyalty Programs

Thank you for supporting Presbyterian School in the community. When you shop at the following businesses, they will donate a portion of their sales to Presbyterian School. 


Visit Amazon.com's website through this search bar portal and make a purchase.  Presbyterian School will receive a portion of the proceeds of your Amazon purchases.  In order for Presbyterian School to receive credit on your Amazon purchase, you must utilize this search bar portal to get to Amazon.com's website.


Please take the time to link your Kroger Plus Card to Presbyterian School by visiting www.KrogerCommunityRewards.com and using Presbyterian School's Non-Profit Organization number 81478.  Beginning September 1, 2013,  you will start accumulating rewards toward Presbyterian School.


Participate with Randalls one time enrollment. Confirm your enrollment! Go to the Randalls Customer Service desk. Fill out a simple "Good Neighbor Program" form to link your Remarkable Card to Presbyterian School (#1893). Presbyterian School will receive 1% of total purchases.


Participate in the "Take Charge of Education" program at Target. Obtain a Target Visa and designate Presbyterian School as the recipient of the "Take Charge of Education" program. Target will donate an amount equal to 1% of Target Visa and Target Guest Card purchases made at Target and target.com, and 1/2% of Target Visa purchases made elsewhere.

Sue Mills Uniform

Parents support Presbyterian School with every uniform purchased at Sue Mills and no special action is required from parents! Sue Mills tracks school sales and will give a portion of our parents’ total sales back to Presbyterian School.

meet the Georgssons

Zack, Class of ’15
Will, Class of ’16
Max, Class of ’21 

We have been truly amazed at the wonderful education of heart, mind, and body that our boys have experienced at PS. There is just no comparison to the excellence in teaching, curriculum, and character-building. We have seen the difference the School has made in our family. That’s why we welcomed the opportunity in 2015 to co-chair the effort to raise money for a new early childhood and lower school building and middle school remodel. And while Capital Giving is vitally important for the completion of those projects, the School relies on Annual Giving to fund the operating budget each year. We give to both because we know that it takes both to ensure that, as the years go by, PS will be a school we can proudly point to and say, “That is where my kids went!”

Our boys have experienced an education of heart, mind and body.

Andi Georgsson, Parent

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