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$1 million & above
The Brown Foundation
First Presbyterian Church*
Jane and Bill Joplin
The Keenan Family
Krissi and Taylor Reid 
$250,000 - $499,999
Amber Alonso and Tracie Renfroe
The Carruth Foundation, Inc. 
Jane and Chris Champion
Kim and Rob Clark
Andrea and Jonas Georgsson
Mrs. George R. Jordan
Vivian L. Smith Foundation 
Lori and Julien Smythe
Dolores Cavatore and John Tobola
Cathleen and Patrick Trask 
Sarah and Duncan Underwood
$25,000 - $49,999
Sara and William Brian Atkins
Stephanie and Brandon Baudin
Sara and Jay Bhatty
The Otis Booth Foundation/ Ede and 
    Morgan Booth
Maggie and Bruce Campbell
Zane and Brady Carruth
Lisa and Canon Coleman
Rita and Bob Cook
Hudson and Sutton Cooper
Jennifer and Jason Dunn
Tom and Lesley DiBello
Martha Erwin
Martha and Richard Finger
Doreen and JP Fjeld-Hansen
H. Fort Flowers Foundation, Inc. 
Anne and Robin French
Lissa and Farzanah Gangjee
Jay and Mary Howell Gann
Kerstin Georgsson
Lars Georgsson
Andrew Greene
Marianne Greene
Chris and Catherine Hanslik
Renee and John Hawkins 
Laura and Bob Higley
Wandy and Angus Hughes
Rebecca and Tim Hunt 
Amy and Cliff Husted
Michelle and Derek Jarrell
Michelle and Alex Juden 
Patty and Neil Kallmeyer
Linda and John Kennedy 
Irene and Richard Kim
Greg and Kristy Kroencke
The Lahourcade Family
Sadie and Rose Lawrence
Lea Aden and Michael Lueck
Melina and Scott Mackey 
Consuelo and Ian Macpherson
Jannette Aquilar and Robert McCollum
Susannah and Patrick McGown
Katy and Sam Murray
Hayes Douglas Newell
Evelyn and Thai Nquyen
Glennis and Jim Nokes
Katherine and Jonathan Palmer
Waverly and Adam Peakes
Lisa Walters-Perdew and John Perdew
Presbyterian School Family
Kelli and Christopher Rhee
Tracey and Rick Rice
Jamey and Melissa Rootes
Sally Brown Russ and Mark Russ
Allen and Jenn Rustay 
Anthony and Amanda Samples
Eric, Kerry, Wyatt and Sloane Sandberg
Cury and Kara Schaefer
Max Seewan and Sheel Patel
Linda Strickland
Doug and Lucy Thorp Suell
Laura and Michael Umansky
Susan and Gene Vaughan
Arney and Vincent Families
Kelli and Christopher Watson
James and Elizabeth Walsh
Josh and Kristin Weed
Shawn and Lisa Wendell
W.S. Bellows Construction Corp.
Natalie and Trevor Wommack
up to $4,999
Katherine and Christopher Amandes
Grace Amandes 
Efua and Victor Ankoma-Sey 
Amina and Philip Archer
Charlie Babers
Katie and Stephen Baehl
Nancy and Alvaro Baltodano
Aurora and Camilo Barcenas
Oscar and Natividad Barrera
Ruth and Steve Beegles
Marjorie and Thomas Belmont
Blair Bradford Belsky
Sabina and Troy Benavides
Berry Family
Aimee and Donald Bolton
Frances and Brad Boswell
Nancy and John Bradford
The Rex and Leslie Bradley Family
Karen and Ariel Bradshaw
The Bragga Family
Tom, Melinda, Sarah and Emily Brents
Sarah Brents
Katherine (Egner) and Trevor Brown
Jack and Donovan Burke
Marilyn and Grady Cayce
Betsy Casselman-Porter
Katherine and Gordon Center
Kimberly and Mark Chassay
Mary Pat Christou
Chris Christou
Tammy and Mo Christou
Ellie Christou and Macee Christou
Brenda and Joe Cialone
Lori and James Cook
Carolyn and Stephen Cordill
Emily and Chad Covey
Allison and Robert Cozart
Drs. Polina Kyriakides and James
Mary and Mark D'Andrea
Debra and Cleland Dade
Courtney Daniell-Knapp
Drs. Garvin Davis and Mendy Jeter
Erique DeGrange
Devin Family
Carmen Druke 
Angie and Doug Durand
Amy and Sally Durand
Diane and Marty Durden 
Nelson Ebaugh and Grace O'Malley 
Cate Ebbs 
Sara and Chip Edgecomb
Grace Enerson
Mary and John Enerson
Mary Ann Enerson
Julie and Larry Engleman
Edith Essandoh
Isabella and Edwin Essandoh
Deborah and Victor Fainstein
Santa Falcone
Dominique and Nicholas Florescu
The Flynn/ Braverman Family
Larry Forehand
Amy Fox Miller
Eleni Christou-Franklin and Bryan
Christy and Matthew Galtney
Matthew Garnett
Emily and Chris Garza
Polly and Jerry Gauthier
The Gobillot Family
Anne and Chris Godinich
Karen and Dewey Gonsoulin, Jr. 
Charity and Jacy Grannis
Dr. and Mrs. Parker Gregg
Madeline and Lawrence Hanrahan
Hollyn Hanslik
Maria Hardie
Julia (Wood) and Dalton Harris
Christy and Ben Hartman
Gigi Hausknecht
Ralph and Anna Head
Amanda Heidemann
Leslie and Cullan Hemenway
Krista and Marc Hensel
Anne Hereford
Ann and Greg Hill
Krissy and William Hirtz
Kathy and Doug Hock
Holly Holt
Heather and Michael Homan
Jeanne and Kenneth Hoppens
Michael and Ann Horne
Bet Hunter
Vince and Regina Ibarra
Carla L. Isenhower
Janet and Mark Jacobs
Mary and Andrew Jacobs
Bernard and Lee Kaplan 
Mallory and Palmer Kaplan
Heather and Steve Kelly
Gail Kirkconnell
$500,000 - $999,999
The Cullen Foundation
The Elkins Foundation
The Fondren Foundation
The Robert and Janice McNair
The Iris and Lloyd Webre Foundation
Iris and Nathan Allen
$100,000 - $249,999
Mrs. Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr. 
The Calder Family
Laurel and Mark Carleton
Marcia Myers Carlucci
The Casey Family - Allison, Michael, Trey,
    Caroline and Thomas
The de Compiegne-Wallace Foundation
Ryan and Amanda Dearborn
Marty and Andrew DeBusk
Michelle and Gregory Elliott
Stephanie and Ryan Fleck
Elizabeth and Clint Freeland
Holly and Michael Garner
George and Mary Josephine Hamman   
Lindsay and Rand Holstead
The Hook Family Foundation
Lauren and Brock Hudson
Kevin and Hillary Jebbit
The Parents of Bella and Corvin 
Jen and JC Kneale
Suzanne and Jim Kneale Family 
Don and Hector Langston-Buitrago
M.D. Anderson Foundation
Ellen and Nelson Mabry
Amanda and Fredrik Mack 
Laurie and Jim Maloney
Jennifer and Huw Pierce
Kristen and David Ridgway
Suzanne and Jay Rippeto
Rochelle and Jerry Seade
Elise de Compiegne Shatto
Melissa and Drew Standley
Strake Foundation
Camille and Jim Tichenor
Melissa Thomas and Ajay Vargheese
Ashlee and Andy Veit
Lettie and Michael Vellano
Mollie and Kent Wallace
Jill and Jeff Young
$10,000 - $24,999
Claire and Eric Anyah
Sumit and Yvette Bhutani
Elizabeth and Jose Briceno
The Brophy Family
Julie and Phillip Brunson
Kate and Keith Cooper
Joy and Dade Dowdle
Sam and Tanya Edwards
Lorrie and Mike Foreman* 
Angie and Ian Hancock
Julie and Victor Harris
Lori and Robert Hendricks
Christy and Scott Heno
The Jaggi Family
Jill and Joe Karlgaard
Juliana and John Kelliher
Mary and Wally Knapp
Liz and Time Lane 
Alison and David Loveday
Darin and Stephanie Mast
Jeryn and Walter Mayer
Caren and Mac McKinnie
Lisa and Brian McLemore
Jessica and Nang Ngo
Kathleen and David Nuzzo
Allison and Todd Penrod
Felix and Keisha Phillips
Presbyterian School Friends
Len D. Slusser
Ashlea and Brad Taylor
Ali and Aaron Terry
Mirela and Patrick Scott van Pelt 
Matt and Lauren Varnado
Gerry and Lou Waters
Hannah and Rebecca Windle
Sandi and Thomas Worley
Jessica and Andrew A. Wright
Friends continued...
up to $4,999
Eva Kramer
Gregory and Janet Kreider
Hannah Kretschmar
Caroline Labanowski
Mark Laborde
Pamela and Ed Laborde
Richard and Gaye Landry
Kelly Landry
Fran and Mark Lapidus
The Keith and Wendy Lechtenberg
Jo and Don Leever
Florence and John Lewis
Valerae Lewis and Michael O'Reilly
Judy Ligon
Carrie and Brent Lium
Nicole and John Luck 
Gina and Scot Luther
Lisa Makarenko
Bella Mallinson 
Lisa and Ted Malone
Daniel and Terri Malpass
Nancy and Price Manford
Alexandra and James Marshall
Michele and Paul Marvin
Sylvia Matthews
Rochelle and Patrick McCall
Gretchen and Andrew McFarland
Terry and Larry McWilliams
Molly and Ash Menenzes
Susan and David Miclette
Dana and Don Miller
Jack Miller
Victoria and Jarrett Minton
Taylor and Nicholas Moll
Nicole and David Mordy
Jennifer and Marvin Morris
The Mota Family
Victoria, Sol, and Cielo Mota
Oni Mouton
Toni and Onezieme Mouton
Kami and Corey Nichols
Brigette O'Brian
Jan and Wendell Odom
Carol and Caitlin Olson
Jan A. Parks
Michael Parks
Michael Payne and Jessica Uhl
Dale and Tamra Peterson
Elaine and Vytas Petrulis
Elizabeth and Gill Plummer
John and Dale Potts
Presbyterian School Family (2)
Presbyterian School Friend
John and Peggy Raish
Rick and Frances Rambo
Conley and Deborah Rank
Nicholas Rasmussen
Carolyn Matula and James Rebello
Mary, Bart and Britt Reese
Hunter Reinertsen-Forehand
Kristi Reinertsen-Forehand
River Reinertsen-Forehand
Bebe Burns and Fred Rhodes
Andrea and Chris Richardson
Ellen Rienstra
Lauren Robinson
Jana Robinson
Jane Rucker
Josie Russ
Christopher and Rebecca Sanchez
Nathan and Chase Schlitzberger
Mariella Self
Katy and Patrick Sermas
Julia and Sam Shelburne
Frank Singer
Martha and Frank Smith
Paul and Melissa Smith
Tenesha Jedkins Smith
Ben and Jean Smusz
Kevin and Deborah Stuckey
Connor and Emily Tamlyn
Haley and Trevor Tamlyn
Kendall and Rusty Tamlyn
Kathleen Thompson
Megan and Barbara Tsai
Taylor (Miller) Turner
Marsha and David Veir 
Patricia and Edward Wade
Nathaniel and Gracey Wallace
Catherine and Andrew Washington
Chris and Nicole Waters
Rick, Sherron and Marion Watkins
Jean and Bill Watson
Alexander Witschey
Candace Roberts and Dan Witschey
Catherine Witschey and Mark Bly
Jan and Doug Whitehead
Stacie and Tim Williamson
Stacie and Tripp Wommack
Amy and Leyton Woolf
John and Sally Young 
$50,000 - $99,999
Christie Cardon and Darryl Anderson
Kathy and Dorian Benn 
Kristin and Eric Brigger
Caroline and Sam Chase
Catherine and Edward Crain
Judy and Tom Farrell
Julia M. Flowers
Kelly and Russell Hamman
Sharon and Carl Henry
Amy and Jason Hoff
Tami and Sam Kazdal
Carter and Bill Lee
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Luchsinger
Christy and Patrick Luquire
Anna and John McKay
Casandra and Clyde Moore
The Mullervy Family Foundation
Presbyterian School Family (2)
Elizabeth and Shayn Robinson
Charlynn and Steve Rothbauer
Bret and Judy Stanley
Kimberly and David Sterling
Alan and Claudia Stewart
The Linda and Jerry Strickland Family   
Chandler and Michael Sulton
Lynda Underwood
Ben and Meghan Westcott
Marilyn and Chris Winters
$5,000 - $9,999
Hala and Joe Ahmad 
Chance Allshouse
Jennifer Tuttle Arnold 
Jeremy and Rebecca Baker 
Jim and Marta Birchfield
Kristin and Adam Brown 
Michele and Clint Carlin
Melissa and Nathan Cherry
Campbell and Virginia Craig
Debbi and David Crow
Megan and Brian Cushing
Aryn and Paul De Lisi
Kenneth and Jennifer Debow
The Dickey Family
Nora Dobin and Chris Wolfe
Fayez Sarofim & Company
Tyler and Aimee Flood
Hollie and David Fulghum
Lois and Doug Geiger
Shannon and Charlie Gramatges
Debbie and Bill Hanna
Kimberly Chantharaj and Brian Harris 
William J. Hill
Jeff, Krishali and Alexia Hoffman
Maurice and Stephanie Holmes
Amy and Roger Horton
Lauren and Bobby Hunt
Ashley and Peter Larkin
Michele and David Mahoney
Katherine and Mac Marshall
Kendall and Trey McCord
Amy and Ted McNulty
Mehos Family
Kristi and Gary Moore
Amy and Jeff Morgan 
Roby and Hanna Norvell
Dante and Camille Oberti
Tany and Tommy Osborne
Karina and Phil Patman, Jr.
Drs. Eric and Amy Powitzky
Presbyterian School Friend (3)
Presbyterian School Family (3) 
The Rigamer Family
Chris and Mindy Ring
Kathy and Chris Scruggs
Evans and Susan Swann
Mimi and Travis Traylor
Ellen Welsh
Victor and Lynell Wright
Corporate Matching Gifts
Chevron Corporation
Encap Investments LP
Freeport LNG Development, LP
Goldman Sachs
Piper Jaffray
Shell Oil Company Foundation
Wells Fargo
*In Kind Donations