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Open Your Doors. Find Respect.

The best learning happens anywhere and everywhere.

Embrace it, live it and learn from it. The best learning does happen anywhere and everywhere ...and it’s characterized by respect. 

A community like Presbyterian School affords amazing and diverse opportunities for learning in relationship with others, and these relationships are rooted in respect. Situated in the intellectual and cultural heart of the nation’s third-largest city, Presbyterian School's proximity to so many world-renowned institutions within walking distance of the campus allows us to have partnerships that extend and enrich our students’ learning and their worldviews. With over 20 museums virtually a stone’s throw from our campus and more than 40 partnerships around the city, we are incredibly grateful for the access to unparalleled resources in education. 

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Express yourself. Hear Gratitude.

Saying "thank you" can make a difference.

In the midst of a secular generation characterized by the disintegration of the family, the school, and the church, Presbyterian School is the institution in children’s lives that serves their intellectual, emotional, and spiritual needs while also giving them a confident vision for who they can become.

The PS experience shapes confidence—not merely for what happens to our students through the eighth grade, but for the choices they will make in high school, college, and beyond. We care deeply about our children long after they have left our hallways and classrooms, and we are challenging them to find and make a difference in their worlds. 

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Take a Risk. Gain Perseverance.

Failure does not have to be a limitation.

Risk-taking happens often and in different ways ...in a familiar or strange place, among new or old friends, by ourselves or in a group.

At Presbyterian School, taking risks is in our DNA. It’s at the heart of the learning experience because it’s risky to try something you’ve never done; it’s risky to ask for help; and it’s risky to fail and then to learn from that failure over and over again. We call this willingness to learn from failure perseverance—a steady persistence in a course of action, especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.  In other words, if we can’t handle not being good at something, how can we consider ourselves successful people? Here, missing the mark doesn’t end the learning process; it pushes it forward.

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Lead with love. Live Compassion.

Good leadership is about action and not position.

Presbyterian School is taking up the task of training the next generation of leaders to understand that some of the greatest achievements of our time have been born out of courageous and compassionate service and that some of our most successful leaders subscribe to the adage that true leadership is about action and not position.

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Discover your values. Show Integrity.

It's about being the best possible me.

One popular definition of integrity is choosing our thoughts and actions based on values rather than on personal gain. In other words, if it doesn’t matter who’s watching, we will excel because of an intrinsic desire to push ourselves to get better instead of the extrinsic adulation of a crowd, shine of a trophy, or pat on the back.

At Presbyterian School we want to cultivate this attitude of seeking the reward in being the best possible me—every day, every class, every moment. If the goal is a daily personal best in everything we do, we follow Nelson Mandela’s mantra: “I never lose. I either win or learn.”

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Come Together. Have Courage.

There is strength in the community around us.

Courage, according to Mark Twain, is resistance to fear and mastery of fear, not the absence of fear. When we say we are a counter-cultural school, it’s because we embrace this definition of courage, especially when it comes to promoting a partnership among the three main institutions in a child’s life—the Family, the School, and the Church.

Rooted in trust, this partnership defines our mission and characterizes our ethos. Our courageous reliance on an ever-present God reassures us that we are never truly alone in the world. With that reassurance, no one works alone at Presbyterian School, as the community focus of the School is reflected in classrooms, on playing fields, through performances, and in service.

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The teaching culture at Presbyterian values creativity and innovation in the classroom—and we recognize how vital it is to engage kids in learning in surprising and memorable ways.  

Gordon Center, 7th Grade History Teacher

Early Childhood

What if play and imagination were the most valuable players in every school day? Experience learning in PK3, PK4 and Kindergarten with teachers who dream and children who delight in the boundless potential of each day. 

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Lower School

What if your child learned and gained perseverance through problem solving? What if your child grew more independent and confident while doing so? Experience Confidence in every Child, 1st-5th grade.

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Middle School

Relish the middle school experience at Presbyterian School where reflection, exploration, fortitude and celebration - and gracious adults - guide 6th-8th grade students toward great thinking and practical leadership.   

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Faith at Work

What if the fear of David facing Goliath for the first time came alive as you put on David's shoes? What if your childlike faith grew to move mountains? See the Spirit of God at work in acts of faith and kindness.

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Fine Arts

What if your God-given gifts were mined, sending you forth with a greater knowledge of who you are meant to be? Work together with invested teachers and friends in a culture that honors and invites artistic pursuit.

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What if physical training made me stronger spiritually, mentally and emotionally? Dare to join one of our 35 Presbyterian School sports teams and become a Panther who strives for the greatest rewards.

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I want to be the hero in every part of my life but I had to let go of some responsibility and trust in the team in order to succeed. 

Cooper Lueck ‘13

Together, anything is possible with us